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Innovation that Matters

VR Smart. DR Simple. CRT Capable. Acticor DX & CRT-DX Device Systems

The ultraslim, longer-lasting Acticor DX and CRT-DX are now available in the US. Unique DX technology offers critical atrial diagnostics without an atrial lead.

More Life. Made Simpler. Rivacor ICD & CRT-D Device Systems

The ultraslim, longer-lasting Rivacor ICDs and CRT-Ds are now available in the US. Unique features like CRT AutoAdapt and MRI AutoDetect help physicians improve patient care.

Every Second Counts: PK Papyrus Covered Coronary Stent System

It's time to expand your options. Learn more at

Excellence Never Rests

New year. New innovations. Continued commitment.

Excellence in Practice

SENSE Trial: Detecting AHREs with DX Technology with Dr. George Thomas

“The DX system does detect atrial high-rate episodes, subclinical AF, at a much higher rate than a standard single-chamber system.” | Dr. George Thomas, SENSE Primary Investigator.

Meaningful Patient Impact with Dr. Satish Tiyyagura

Dr. Satish Tiyyagura explains how a BIOTRONIK pacemaker improved quality of life for one of his patients.

No Inappropriate Therapies for Ventricular Arrhythmias with Dr. George Thomas

“In the SENSE Trial, there were no inappropriate therapies for ventricular arrhythmias.” | George Thomas, SENSE Primary Investigator.

Reducing Mortality with BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring with Dr. Ishu Rao

Dr. Ishu Rao discusses how BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring reduces mortality by utilizing a proactive treatment approach.

Early Detection Reduces ER Visits with Dr. Satish Tiyyagura

Acute decompensation of heart failure can be prevented with early detection of AF. Data from the SENSE Trial shows high success rates of subclinical AF detection with BIOTRONIK’s DX system.

Dual Lead Equivalency, Single Lead Simplicity with Dr. Chris Liu

“This DX system is superior to both the single lead and the dual lead system.” | Dr. Chris Liu

The Next Big Development with Dr. James Hermiller

“Orsiro is the next big development—it’s ultrathin,” says Dr. James Hermiller. “It also is very deliverable, we always want a deliverable stent.”

Benefits of Remote Monitoring with Dr. Michael Mazzini

The convenience of remote monitoring tremendously drives patient satisfaction and improves cost efficiency for hospitals. Dr. Michael Mazzini discusses how in this video.

Physiological Response Solution with Dr. Ishu Rao

Imagine watching a scary movie and not feeling your heart race. See what Dr. Ishu Rao says about how CLS helped his patient truly experience the excitement of a scary movie.

Improved Deliverability with Dr. David Kandzari

"The PK Papyrus stent with improved conformability to the vessel, being a single layer of a stent that's highly deliverable, is by all means a welcomed addition," says Dr. David Kandzari. "It's enabling deliverability to the site with successful treatment of a life-threatening event."

A New Standard for Efficacy with Dr. David Kandzari

"The Orsiro stent will be a welcomed addition to the US clinical practice as it already has been worldwide," says Dr. David Kandzari. "We have a drug-eluting stent that is superior with regard to many safety and efficacy endpoints that we haven’t observed with other contemporary drug-eluting stents."

A Game-Changing Solution with Dr. William Lombardi

Physicians need a reliable treatment option for coronary perforations. “It's a game changer,” says Dr. William Lombardi. “A giant technology leap forward that'll make it much easier to deal with this complication.”

Avoiding Decompensated Heart Failure with Dr. Rick Henderson

Clinicians who receive timely insights can treat sudden worsening heart failure sooner. “They can—over the phone often or in the office—make intervention upon that decompensation, reverse that trajectory and prevent readmission,” says Dr. Rick Henderson.

Continuous, Reliable Detection with Dr. Abdul Alawwa

BioMonitor 2 provides accurate and reliable arrhythmia detection that informs patient care. “When we decide to withdraw antiarrhythmic drug therapy or anticoagulation,” says Dr. Abdul Alawwa. “I can make an appropriate decision about the outcome.”

Restoring Natural Rhythms with Dr. Frank Mazzola

CLS is a unique rate-adaptive algorithm that supports optimal patient therapy by mimicking the body’s physiologic response. “If you're thinking chronotropic incompetence, I would definitely think about putting in a CLS device,” says Dr. Frank Mazzola.

Atrial Sensing. Decreased Risk. with Dr. Rick Henderson

CRT-DX provides physicians with critical atrial sensing and decreases risk for heart failure patients. “We’re able to do so without actually having to place the atrial lead in that chamber. This minimizes the chance of complication,” says Dr. Rick Henderson.

Real-Time Patient Care with Dr. Richard Borge

Physicians can monitor patients 24/7 with BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring and adjust care plans accordingly. "We can tell the device what type of things we're looking for," said Dr. Richard Borge. "It can be very cost effective."

Improving Pacing for Heart Failure Patients with Dr. Abdul Alawwa

BIOTRONIK’s comprehensive CRT portfolio expands treatment options for patients with heart failure. “It often makes a difference in patients,” said Dr. Abdul Alawwa. “They have more energy and are less short of breath.”

Preventing Rehospitalization with Dr. Frank Mazzola

With BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring, physicians can identify and treat arrhythmias earlier. “We're able to identify problems before they become big problems,” said Dr. Frank Mazzola.

MRI AutoDetect for Simplifying Patient Care with Dr. Richard Borge

BIOTRONIK’s MRI AutoDetect can be programmed to sense magnetic fields and adjust therapy accordingly. “It just makes the process of having an MRI much simpler for the patient,” says Dr. Richard Borge.

Early Intervention for Heart Failure with Dr. Emad Aziz

Dr. Emad Aziz says there’s value in anticipating early intervention using technology such as remote monitoring. “It's great for patients, it's great for us as physicians.”

The Ideal Heart Failure Device with Dr. Larry Chinitz

Dr. Larry Chinitz says the ideal heart failure device is able to react specifically to the patient. “Heart failure patients have chronotropic incompetence, which can be benefited by a specific physiologic sensor. For instance, CLS is particularly good for the heart failure population.”

Closed Loop Stimulation with Dr. Emad Aziz

“CLS is a very, very smart algorithm. What is so smart about it is that the patient becomes their own index,” says Dr. Emad Aziz. “They don't feel the pacemaker interacting with them. It's all natural to them. The heart is responding to their activity.”

MRI Compatibility with Dr. Chafik Assal

“Having an MRI compatible device gives the patients access to an important diagnostic modality,” says Dr. Chafik Assal. “This will allow physicians in other specialties to treat their patients better, because now they have all of the information they need to diagnose the problem.”

Fewer Complications with Dr. Juan Viles-Gonzalez

When selecting a cardiac device for patients, Dr. Juan Viles-Gonzalez says less hardware means fewer complications.

Minimizing Complication Rates with Dr. Jason Rytlewski

“When implanting a defibrillator, the complication rate is nearly doubled when you add an extra lead,” says Dr. Jason Rytlewski “The new single-lead, dual-sensing system that's available allows you to have the best of both worlds.”

Remote Monitoring with Dr. Chafik Assal

"Remote monitoring in this day and age is very beneficial," says Dr. Chafik Assal. "It gives the patient the best quality healthcare."

MR Conditional Systems with Dr. Jason Rytlewski

"My practice pattern has become to use MRI-conditional systems universally,” says Dr. Jason Rytlewski, Assistant Professor of Cardiology. “You don’t want to be limited when there are options available that provide all the possibilities.”

Device Considerations with Dr. Larry Chinitz

“How do we minimize the amount of implantations we have to do, minimize the equipment, but get all of the information that’s required?” asks Dr. Larry Chinitz, cardiac electrophysiologist in New York City. “The DX lead is the perfect example of something like that.

Commitment to Patient Care with Dr. Michael Mirro

Proving the importance of patient engagement in treating heart failure patients. Watch as Dr. Michael Mirro of Parkview Health explains his research utilizing BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring technology and the impact on patient care.


WHY BIOTRONIK: Focused On Impact

BIOTRONIK's Karlene Cox emphasizes the importance of the BIO-LIBRA study's representation of women, as well as the study's impact on future generations.

Improving the lives of women with heart disease

Heart disease causes 10 times more deaths in women per year than breast cancer. Learn more about BIOTRONIK's #BIOLIBRA clinical trial, a study dedicated to improving the lives of women with heart disease.

Principle Investigator | Dr. Valentina Kutyifa, University of Rochester Medical Center

Women are underrepresented in device trials. Dr. Valentina Kutyifa discusses how the BIO-LIBRA study seeks to combat this underrepresentation by enrolling a higher proportion of women to provide data that will lead to better healthcare for future generations.

Impactful Data | Dr. Jeanne Poole, University of Washington

“We’ll be able to better identify patients at greatest risk for needing a defibrillator…this is a big need,” Dr. Jeanne Poole. Learn more about the BIO-LIBRA study.

Understanding The Study | Dr. Valentina Kutyifa, University of Rochester Medical Center

“BIO-LIBRA is a really unique study. It will look at patients who have non-ischemic cardiomyopathy… We will assess the rate of ventricular arrhythmia events and deaths in this patient population.” | Dr. Valentina Kutyifa, Principal Investigator


Unprecedented Clinical Data

BIOTRONIK’s Jennifer Matson explains the significance of Orsiro’s differentiation, highlighting its ProBio layer that ensures the prevention of metal ion migration.

Critical P-Wave Visibility

“Based on data from the ongoing BIO|CONCEPT study, 91% of the patient snapshots had P-wave visibility. This is absolutely remarkable.” | Hollis Whittington, Director of Applied Research: Clinical, CRM and Diagnostics

A Culture of Ethics and Trust

“Our compliance program exceeds the status quo and our employees are proud of that.” | Jon Brumbaugh, VP of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance

Relentless Commitment to Earning Trust

"It is incredibly important that the physicians can trust us because their reputation's on the line. We work relentlessly on making sure we earn that trust.” | Java Von Arx, Senior Director of Technology Systems and Platform Development

Highest Ethical Standard

“Health systems need a partner they can trust. At BIOTRONIK, we have the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and it sets us apart from the competition.” | Jon Brumbaugh, VP of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance

Education That Helps Improve Outcomes

“It's our responsibility to make sure our reps have the knowledge to support physicians in the safe and effective use of our products. Ultimately that benefits the patients and improves outcomes.” | Katerina de Metz, Senior Director of Training and Education

We Take the Time to Get Quality Right

“We can take the time to get quality right and to get the products out there when they're ready. That is a huge advantage for BIOTRONIK.” | Java Von Arx, Senior Director of Technology Systems and Platform Development

Advantages of Acticor and Rivacor Cardiac Devices

How can the Acticor and Rivacor devices truly improve life for patients? BIOTRONIK's Wolf Ruhnke discusses the unique differentiators and what these mean for patients.

Advancing VI with Orsiro

"Our VI portfolio offers proven solutions that physicians and patients can be confident in for a lifetime,” says Emily Ockerlund, Regional Sales Director, Vascular Intervention.

Innovation That Matters with Wolf Ruhnke

DX technology provides insight into atrial activity without the need for an atrial lead. BIOTRONIK’s Wolf Ruhnke explains why DX technology is an innovation that matters.

We Never Settle

“At BIOTRONIK, we know innovation means never settling for the status quo. That's what makes us different,” says Emily Ockerlund, Regional Sales Manager, Vascular Intervention.

Freedom to Innovate

“At BIOTRONIK, our independence truly allows us to put patients first,” says Regional Sales Director Jeff Thomas.

Meeting Physician Needs with PK Papyrus

“Physicians can confidently treat coronary perforations with PK Papyrus,” said Amy Culley, Director of VI Clinical Studies.

Reducing Heart Failure Readmissions

“Sometimes early detection means all the difference in the world,” says Regional Sales Director Jeff Thomas. “And that is what BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring does every single day.”

Prioritizing Patient Care

“BIOTRONIK closed loop stimulation restores patients’ natural heart rhythms,” says Territory Manager Shawn Licata. “Other products on the market don’t do that.”

Earned Trust

“Integrity is fused into every interaction with our physicians, administrators and patients,” says Hugh McCulloch, VP of Sales, Eastern US. “This is the heartbeat of BIOTRONIK’s culture.”

A History of Uncompromised Quality

“We provide innovative technology that is reliable and of the utmost quality,” says Regional Sales Director Jeff Thomas. “Just look at our track record—we’ve never had a lead recall.”

When Physicians Call, We're There

“I know what it’s like to be a caregiver on the front line,” says Territory Manager Shawn Licata. “Physicians and administrators trust me because I’m working alongside them every day.”

Better Outcomes

“Physicians are demanding better outcomes and patients deserve that. That’s why we’re committed to bringing VI innovation to the U.S. market,” says Amy Culley, Director of VI Clinical Studies.

Independent Strength

"Being privately held allows us to be more intuitive about solutions that bring valued outcomes to our patients, physicians and healthcare systems," says Hugh McCulloch, VP of Sales, Eastern US.

Exceptional Care and Support

“At BIOTRONIK, it’s about the people we serve, the people we support and the people on our team,” says Ramon Carrasquillo, VP of Sales, Western US. “It’s our job to ensure clinicians can focus on what they do best and patients can focus on living life.”

Commitment to Patients

“Developing relationships with patients, building trust and seeing their condition improve really lights my fire and makes it all worthwhile,” says Sales Rep. Brandon Willis.

Peace of Mind

"BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring goes wherever patients go and provides data to physicians 24/7," said Regional Sales Director Ralph Albanese. "That means peace of mind."

Innovation that Differentiates

"We have the tools to stand toe-to-toe with our competition and show physicians how we stand apart," says Sales Rep. Brandon Willis. "This is a new dawn for BIOTRONIK."

Unquestionable Confidence

“BIOTRONIK has never had a lead recall, BioMonitor 2 sets the industry standard and our Home Monitoring platform is unmatched,” says Regional Sales Director Ralph Albanese. “I’m confident that I’m providing patients and physicians with the best.”

Tremendous Growth

“BIOTRONIK, Inc. has made great strides in its portfolio,” says Regional Sales Director Lee Newman. “We’re seeing tremendous double-digit growth here in the United States. That’s exciting and it’s getting noticed.”

From Our Heart To Yours—We Care

We are patients, families and caregivers. We are people impacted by heart disease who are proud to bring trusted cardiovascular solutions to patients in need.

We Put Patients First

"At BIOTRONIK, patients are at the heart of what we do," says Sales Representative Ryan Clay. "We put patients first and create products that help them live better lives."

DX Technology

“We offer dual-chamber diagnostics, MRI compatibility and a 42 joule delivery device for maximum safety,” says Senior Sales Representative Barry Bryant. “That means less complication, less risk and less hardware in patients. It's a major competitive advantage.”

Passion for Excellence

"Our owner is committed to excellence and doesn't bring a product to market unless it's right," says Regional Sales Director Bob Marsella. "His passion for excellence is the backbone of this company."

Commitment to Physicians

"Our commitment to physicians and their patients means the world," says Senior Sales Representative Barry Bryant. "They know that we're committed to continuing to provide trusted products in the United States."

Impeccable Quality

"The quality is impeccable. The R&D is unbelievable. The focus is on the patient,” says Sales Representative David Pace. “We make implants that are extremely reliable. Our patients depend on these to sustain their lives.”

We Make A Difference

"It's been 54 years of providing quality products that make a difference in people's lives," says Senior Director Lonnie Martin, who's been with the company for three decades.

Reliable Solutions

"If you're not using BIOTRONIK, in my opinion, your patients aren't getting the best devices," says Regional Sales Director Bob Marsella.

24/7 Care

“BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring is the only innovation in the industry that features daily automatic home monitoring,” says Marketing Product Manager Dan Woodward. “With 24/7 care, early detection of subtle disease changes is possible… and that ultimately improves lives.”

Products Done Right. Every Time.

"BIOTRONIK takes it a step further and invests more in research because we really want to get the product done right," says Sales Representative Ryan Clay. "We want it to work and work well every time."

To Live Life To The Fullest

BIOTRONIK Senior Sales Representative Jennifer Hurst discusses what it means to care beyond at BIOTRONIK. "We really care, not just about the initial pacemaker implant, but that people live their lives to the fullest."

It’s All About The Patients

“BIOTRONIK has a long-standing history of providing the best lead technology in the United States,” says Senior Sales Representative Barry Bryant. “At BIOTRONIK, it’s all about the patients.”

Excellence for Patients

Hannah’s Road to Independence

When Hannah was diagnosed with a complete heart block, her mom knew it was time to take action. She wrote to Heartbeat International Foundation and the next month Hannah received a BIOTRONIK pacemaker that restored her confidence.

Mending a Musician’s Heart

On August 16, 2016, professional violist Kristen Linfante received a BIOTRONIK pacemaker that transformed her life. “On that day, everything changed. For the better.”

Helping Tim's New Heart

"After two years of pushing my new heart, I ended up getting a CLS pacemaker," says pacemaker patient Tim Warner. "The heart brought me back to living, but CLS has given me my quality of life back."