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FY 2014 Medicare Hospital Reimbursement Update

This brochure contains an overview of the 2014 Medicare payment logic, and hospital reimbursement rates for ICD and pacemaker cases when the patient is admitted to the hospital. Both hospitals and physicians often benefit from a better understanding of the Medicare payment logic, as well as the national average distribution of payments for hospitals.

View FY 2014 Medicare Hospital Reimbursement Update brochure


Medicare C-Codes

This brochure contains a listing of BIOTRONIK products with references to special billing codes, called C-Codes, required by Medicare for all outpatient hospital procedures. This information is frequently requested by hospital customers to assist billing staff in appropriately billing for our products.

View Medicare C-Codes brochure


Medicare ICD Indications

This brochure contains an overview of the current Medicare covered indications for ICDs. Medicare coverage is the primary determining factor of whether an ICD procedure will be reimbursed by Medicare. Medicare coverage indications are not identical to the ACC/HRS physician practice guidelines. It is essential that both physicians and hospitals understand the Medicare coverage requirements to ensure appropriate reimbursement and avoid potential fraud, abuse, and compliance issues.

View Medicare ICD Indications brochure


2014 Device Monitoring Reimbursement

This brochure includes a comprehensive summary of CPT billing codes, 2014 physician payment rates, responses to frequently asked questions, and definitions of key terms related to both conventional and remote monitoring of ICDs and pacemakers. Although new CPT billing codes for monitoring ICDs, pacemakers, and implantable cardiovascular monitors were approved in 2009, many physician practices and/or the hospitals and health systems that employ them today are not fully informed on their appropriate use.

View 2013 Device Monitoring Reimbursement brochure


2014 Medicare Payment and Coding Book

This comprehensive reimbursement reference guide contains a complete listing of the most common pacemaker
and ICD procedures and the related physician and facility billing codes and 2014 Medicare payment rates.

2014 Medicare Payment and Coding Book


Medicare Physician Reimbursement Update

This reference piece contains a listing of common CPT billing codes, RVUs, and 2014 average Medicare
payment rates for common CRM procedures.

View Medicare Physician Reimbursement Update


Pacemaker Medicare National Coverage Policy

Current Medicare National Coverage Determination for Cardiac Pacemakers, as of January 2014. Includes
Nationally Covered Indications and Nationally Noncovered Indications for single- and dual-chamber cardiac

View Pacemaker Medicare National Coverage Policy


BIOTRONIK DX System Reimbursement Information

Common physician billing CPT codes for procedures, Medicare C-Code, common inpatient hospital billing codes,
and common outpatient hospital billing codes for procedures involving BIOTRONIK DX System.

View BIOTRONIK DX System Reimbursement Information



Reimbursement related information provided by BIOTRONIK is obtained from third party sources. This information is provided for the convenience of the health care provider only and does not constitute reimbursement, legal or compliance advice. BIOTRONIK makes no representation or warranty regarding this information or its accuracy, completeness or applicability and assumes no responsibility for updating this information. BIOTRONIK specifically disclaims liability or responsibility for the results or consequences of any actions taken in reliance on information in this document. BIOTRONIK strongly encourages health care providers to submit accurate and appropriate claims for services and recommends that you consult directly with payers, certified reimbursement coding professionals, other reimbursement experts, and/or legal counsel regarding all coding, coverage, and payment issues.



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