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BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®

Simplicity of Care. Anytime. Anywhere.


New Horizons in Clinical Efficiency

BIOTRONIK is the pioneer in wireless remote monitoring technology. BIOTRONIK offers the first and only remote monitoring system to receive FDA approval to replace device interrogation during in-office follow-up visits, and to provide early detection of arrhythmias. Today, BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® is available in over 55 countries, optimizing patient management in more than 3,800 clinics around the world.


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Efficiently Deliver the Highest Level of Patient Care

Manage your patients, maximize your time, and optimize your workflow with these BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® innovations.


Intelligent Early Detection

  • Patients for review organized by alert status
  • Open comment field for special notes and reminders
  • Intelligent traffic light system to assist in the triage of events


Customizable Alerts

  • Alert notifications are fully programmable (text, email, fax, website only, no alert)
  • Options to specify alert thresholds and ranges
  • Patient alert templates used to quickly program similar patient alert settings
  • Alert messages only when you need them
  • Patient call-back alert notifies the patient to contact the clinic


Intuitive Formats

  • Trend charts and graphs that are easy to read
  • User interface designed for quick learning
  • Collaborative Care Networks enable multiple users to monitor patients at the same time


Efficiently Manage Your Patients

Heart Failure MonitorTM Online

  • Combination of seven meaningful parameters to continuously assess your patient’s condition
  • Five parameters can trigger a Home Monitoring® alert if desired












Patient-Friendly Technology 

The most advanced remote monitoring system in the industry, yet simple for patients to use  
  • Fast, easy set-up
  • No buttons to push or icons to follow
  • Completely automatic transmission
  • Immediate detection of clinical events for the past 24 hours
  • Cellular phone or landline-based transmitters
  • No ongoing patient costs
  • Global coverage


Evidence for Efficiency and Safety

The largest remote monitoring clinical trial to date, the TRUST Study demonstrates how BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® improves clinical efficiency without compromising patient safety.1



Backed by Exclusive Claims Approved by the FDA

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® is the only remote monitoring system that is FDA-approved to replace device interrogation during in-office follow-up visits.

  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® may be used as a replacement for device interrogation during in-office follow-up visits
  • Using BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®, along with office visits when needed, has been shown to extend the time between routine, scheduled in-office follow-ups
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® provides early detection of arrhythmias, which allows for earlier intervention than conventional in-office follow-ups
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® provides early detection of silent, asymptomatic arrhythmias
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® allows for improved access to patient device data compared to conventional in-office follow-ups, since device interrogation is automatically scheduled at regular intervals


BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® is Available Across the Entire Product Portfolio



1 Varma N, Epstein AE, Irimpen A, Schweikert R, Love C, for the TRUST Investigators. Efficacy and Safety of Automatic Remote Monitoring for Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Follow-Up: The Lumos-T Safely Reduces Routine Office Device Follow-Up (TRUST) Trial. Circulation. 2010;122:325-332.



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