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Home Monitoring® Service Center: Simplicity of Care. Anytime. Anywhere.

Home Monitoring® implants automatically send medical and technical information from your heart to your attending physician. This enables him or her to “keep an eye” on you even when you are far away, and to evaluate your condition based on accurate and up-to-date clinical data.

Home Monitoring® sends the following data to your physician:

  • arrhythmia events
  • paces or shocks delivered by your implant
  • implant’s battery status
  • leads condition

Data Transmission

  • Your pacemaker or ICD regularly sends medical and technical information to an external device (CardioMessenger®) using an integrated antenna.
  • The CardioMessenger® functions like a cell phone and automatically forwards the data to BIOTRONIK® via the GSM network as encrypted messages in SMS format.
  • Your physician evaluates the data on a secure website.

Our Technology Partners

BIOTRONIK is cooperating with T-Mobile in order to ensure the worldwide transfer of data via the mobile network. We have teamed up with IBM to equip our computer center. Working together with these companies facilitates the operation and continuous further development of Home Monitoring technology.

Link with Your Physician

Your physician programs your implant to transmit data every day at a certain time, for example 2:00 a.m. The data provide your physician with an overview of your current medical status and with information on your treatment's efficiency (trend information). It also enables your physician to detect any changes in your status early on. In case of sudden changes in your heart rhythm or your implant status, the device immediately sends an email, a fax or an SMS to your physician.

Regular Trend Messages

Wherever you are, at home or at the office, in the theater or taking a walk, the CardioMessenger can always accompany you. The implant regularly transmits messages at night according to the settings by your physician. You just need to place the CardioMessenger on your nightstand while you sleep.

Additional Information

You can easily carry your CardioMessenger with you, either clipped to your belt, using BIOTRONIK carrying straps, or in your purse. This enables your physician to receive additional cardiac data, and information on sudden changes in your heart rhythm or your implant, no matter if you are shopping, engaged in a sporting event, or attending a concert. Your physician will decide whether this is necessary for you.




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