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BIOTRONIK gains yet another accolade for its pioneering remote patient management solution

“Our company has been leading the industry in the development of remote monitoring technologies for ten years, and we are proud of the fact that BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring continues to offer important advantages that remain unrivalled,” stated Marlou Janssen, Global Vice President of Marketing & Sales at BIOTRONIK. “With the needs of the patient and the physician at the core of our development strategy, we are best able to understand how to offer exceptional quality and superior customer service - a successful approach that is clearly being recognized with this award.”

On an annual basis, Frost & Sullivan recognizes top achievers who have redefined industry benchmarks. To facilitate its evaluation of best practices and ultimately choose the award’s winner, Frost & Sullivan preselects three companies that it determines to be the top contenders for the award, and then compares the companies’ performances based on a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics. Out of the companies evaluated, BIOTRONIK received superior ratings in all four of the qualities rated: quality of service, timeliness of service, impact of service on customer value and cost of service to customers.


Quality of Service
For the first criterion, Frost & Sullivan remarked, “BIOTRONIK has provided efficient after-sales service to its customers by imparting quality training regarding the usage and efficient handling of remote monitoring during the essential times. BIOTRONIK has developed the culture of keeping customer needs in mind and provides effective assistance through the customer support and the remote monitoring customer service centers. It has surpassed its key competitors in terms of the service provided to physicians and caregivers.”


Timeliness of Service
For the second criterion, Frost & Sullivan further indicated that, “BIOTRONIK understands the needs of customers and their demand for timely support. Since people over 65 years of age constitute a big share of the end-users segment for remote monitoring technology, prompt service has been one of the key business practices of BIOTRONIK. Customers of BIOTRONIK believe the service and support rendered for remote monitoring is better than that of its close competitors in terms of response time and solutions provided.”


Impact of Service on Customer Value
For the third criterion, Frost & Sullivan stated, “Being at the forefront of remote monitoring technology development, BIOTRONIK provides quality products and presents value-driven innovation. BIOTRONIK also maintains a high standard of service, quality and support, making remote monitoring attractive for customers. It has also accelerated its response time to questions, thereby improving the value of remote monitoring for end users.”


Cost of Service to Customers
For the final criterion, Frost & Sullivan determined that, “BIOTRONIK offers superior value including complete support for remote monitoring integration, data collection and analysis, which has allowed it to achieve the best customer satisfaction versus all other competitors.”


As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cardiovascular medical devices, with several million devices implanted, BIOTRONIK is represented in more than 100 countries by its global workforce of over 5,400 employees. Known for having its finger on the pulse of the medical community, BIOTRONIK assesses the challenges physicians face and provides the best solutions for all phases of patient care, ranging from diagnosis to treatment to advanced patient management. Quality, innovation and reliability define BIOTRONIK and its growing success - and deliver confidence and peace of mind to physicians and their patients worldwide.


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