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BIOTRONIK receives the EuroPCR 2007 Novelty Award for its realization of the absorbable metal stent (AMS) program

Buelach, Switzerland, 06 June 2007 – At EuroPCR 2007, BIOTRONIK AG was awarded the first annual Novelty Award for their Absorbable Metal Stent (AMS) program. Dr. William Wijns presented this prestigious award on behalf of the Board of Directors of EuroPCR and the Board of EAPCI for BIOTRONIK`s achievements in innovation, development and fulfilment of this program in clinical trials.

“BIOTRONIK has not only pioneered the concept of an absorbable stent, they have also brought the project through positive animal studies and two substantial clinical trials in coronary and peripheral vascular indications. This award is not only for the innovation that BIOTRONIK has shown, but its commitment to furthering clinically meaningful research on this incredibly promising technology, and its focus on realizing this concept as a usable tool for physicians in the future,” said Dr. Wijns, course director of EuroPCR.

The magnesium-based Absorbable Metal Stent platform provides the necessary short term scaffolding needed to support the vessel during the healing process after angioplasty and is then absorbed, avoiding the risks and negative effects of long term mechanical stress which is the biggest drawback of current permanent stent technologies. Furthermore, the need for re-intervention, both surgical and intravascular, is frequently needed in this patient population due to the nature of diffuse atherosclerotic disease – something that is hindered by the presence of a permanent metal stent in a vessel. The AMS technology provides a metal free vessel for repeat interventions, should they be necessary.

The BEST-BTK trial in infrapopliteal lesions and the PROGRESS I study in coronary arteries confirmed that the concept of implanting a fully degradable metal stent is feasible and safe. “We are honoured to receive this award from one of the best-regarded societies known in vascular intervention,” said Claus Martini, CEO of BIOTRONIK AG. “BIOTRONIK has made significant progress in recent years in terms of developing the latest evolutionary, and now revolutionary, solutions for improving patient outcomes and is focused especially on bringing this latest advance to the medical community.“


BIOTRONIK is a leading European manufacturer of medical technology with a worldwide market presence. The company offers a complete line of products for diagnosis, treatment and advanced therapy support in the areas of cardiac rhythm management, electrophysiology and vascular intervention.
The vascular intervention product range consists of guide wires, balloon catheters and stent systems for coronary and peripheral applications. BIOTRONIK invests heavily in research and development and is committed to pursuing future-oriented approaches to cardiovascular therapy.


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