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Monitoring of lung fluid volume with thoracic impedance allows physicians to track changes in patients’ conditions

BERLIN – BIOTRONIK SE Co. & KG, leading manufacturer of cardiovascular devices, has announced the European release of its Thoracic Impedance (TI) Trend Chart via its pioneering BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® Technology and Lumax 540 implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) series.

Preclinical and clinical research have proven that TI is correlated with a patient’s lung fluid volume, - a variable that is related to heart failure (HF) status. By now being able to identify changes in TI, physicians have more information that can help them to act appropriately to prevent HF progression.

The TI Trend Chart displays variations in TI on a daily basis and is a diagnostic enhancement to the BIOTRONIK Heart Failure Monitor®. The Heart Failure Monitor is a part of BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring and displays graphics for variables such as cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) pacing, heart rate, patient activity and arrhythmias. Importantly, it is also configured to trigger any necessary alert notifications to the patient’s physician on a daily basis, based on relevant changes in HF status.

"Providing solutions for advanced patient management, especially in the area of heart failure, is a key focus for BIOTRONIK," commented Marlou Janssen, Global Vice President of Marketing & Sales at BIOTRONIK. "With the Heart Failure Monitor and new Thoracic Impedance Trend Chart, physicians have access to important diagnostic information that may help to prevent emergency hospitalization of heart failure patients by allowing intervention to occur prior to cardiac decompensation."


As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cardiovascular medical devices, with several million devices implanted, BIOTRONIK is represented in more than 100 countries by its global workforce of over 5,400 employees. Known for having its finger on the pulse of the medical community, BIOTRONIK assesses the challenges physicians face and provides the best solutions for all phases of patient care, ranging from diagnosis to treatment to patient management. Quality, innovation and reliability define BIOTRONIK and its growing success - and deliver confidence and peace of mind to physicians and their patients worldwide.


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