Iperia 7 HF-T

Iperia 7 HF-T CRT ICD, DF4
Iperia 7 HF-T CRT ICD, DF1
Iperia 7 HF-T CRT ICD, DF4
Iperia 7 HF-T CRT ICD, DF1

Iperia 7 HF-T

MR conditional CRT-D

The Iperia 7 CRT-D with BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®, ProMRI® and CLS offers solutions that improve quality of life and reduce mortality in heart failure patients.1

Key Facts
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring enables wireless patient monitoring, including Home Monitoring-supported follow-ups with remote scheduling, for the early detection of clinical and device-related events
  • ProMRI® technology enables patients access to MRI scans under certain conditions2
  • Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS) provides unique physiological rate response modulation during episodes of physical and emotional activity or stress
  • Its small size and reduced thickness increases patient comfort
  • The Heart Failure Monitor enables the early detection of changes in patients’ heart failure conditions with the continuous monitoring of clinical parameters
  • The DF4 connector simplifies and shortens the implantation procedure and reduces material in the device pocket
  • Automatic atrial therapy delivers atrial therapies to automatically treat AT/AF episodes
  • Extended device longevity with new battery and energy efficient technology

Product Features

BioMonitor Four-Year Longevity

Long-Lasting Products

BIOTRONK CRT-Ds provide up to 7.5 years of longevity, reducing device replacements and their associated risks.

Increased Lifetime

Increased Lifetime

BIOTRONIK CRT-Ds provide automatic, daily implant-based remote monitoring, leading to a more than 50% reduction in mortality for heart failure patients, as proven by the IN-TIME trial.1

BioMonitor ProMRI

MRI Access

ProMRI technology enables patients access to MRI scans under certain conditions2

Early Detection

Early Detection

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring provides reliable daily transmissions so you can treat heart failure patients according to ESC guidelines3. Earlier detection of clinical problems reduces inappropriate shocks4 and increases patients' lifetimes.1

Avoiding Inappropriate Shocks

Shock Reduction

BIOTRONIK CRT-Ds with Home Monitoring reduce the number of patients who receive inappropriate shocks by 52%, as proven by the ECOST trial.4

Closed Loop Stimulation

Supporting Physiological Pacing

BIOTRONIK CRT-Ds with Closed Loop Stimulation adapt patients' heart rates in the most physiological way, promoting intrinsic rhythm as much as possible and ensuring effective pacing in all chambers.

Product Details

Physician and nurse are looking at the patient status on the HMSC

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring is a remote monitoring service available with cardiac monitors, pacemakers, implantable defibrillators (ICDs) and cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) systems. Home Monitoring allows physicians to continuously and reliably survey patients’ device and physiological condition, and alerts responsible healthcare staff of acute health changes within 24 hours.



ProMRI technology enables patients to access MRI scans under certain conditions.2

Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS)

Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS)

CLS is a unique physiological rate-adaptive technology. The feature is able to determine the appropriate heart rate response during episodes of physical and emotional activity or stress.



BIOTRONIK is saving lives



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2 See ProMRI manual for details and specific condition

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