Cruiser and Cruiser Hydro

Picture of Cruiser and Cruiser Hydro
Cruiser and Cruiser Hydro
Picture of Cruiser and Cruiser Hydro
Cruiser and Cruiser Hydro

Cruiser and Cruiser Hydro


The combination of hybrid core wire materials (stainless steel/nitinol) and advanced design technology ensures excellent results with the Cruiser and Cruiser Hydro guide wires.

  • Perfect control and easy handling due to hybrid core wire material
  • Able to treat multiple vessels due to enhanced tip shape retention and durability
  • Greater treatment flexibility provided by multiple tip stiffness and support levels


Product Details

Cruiser/Cruiser Hydro

Perfect Control and Easy Handling

The stainless steel proximal core wire offers optimised pushability for easier lesion access. Moreover, the chromium enriched nitinol distal core wire provides optimal flexibility and precise steering.

Multiple Vessel Treatment Option

The stainless steel shaping ribbon enables easy tip shaping and outstanding shape retention. Furthermore, the nitinol distal core wire features improved durability. This combination allows for multiple lesion access.

Greater Treatment Flexibility

Three tip flexibilities, two support levels and two distal coating options offer an ideal solution for every individual need.

Additional Key Features

Hydrophobic coating ensures smooth guide wire trackability and improved introduction into target lesions as well as reduced device friction.

Hydrophilic coating on Cruiser Hydro guide wires provides lubricity to facilitate access through very tortuous anatomy and highly challenging lesions.

Platinum distal coil wire offers optimal visibility.

Technical Data

Guide Wire
Diameter 0.014"
Length 190cm
Core wire material proximal Stainless steel
Core wire material distal Chromium-enriched nitinol
Proximal coil Stainless steel
Distal coil Platinum, radiopaque (3cm for Standard Support/4.5 cm for ES)
Shaping ribbon Stainless steel (3cm)
Proximal (shaft) coating PTFE
Distal coating Cruiser, Cruiser ES: Hydrophobic (30cm)
Cruiser Hydro: Hydrophilic (12 cm) and hydrophobic (18 cm)
Cruiser Hydro ES: Hydrophilic (4.5 cm) and hydrophobic (25.5 cm)
Range of tip flexibilities High flexible, flexible, medium
Range of support levels Standard and extra support (ES)
Shaft markers 92cm and 102cm from distal end



  1. * Also indicated for peripheral arteries as per instructions for use.

  2. ** ES = Extra Support