Galeo Pro


Vascular Intervention // Coronary
Coronary Guide Wire
Galeo Pro
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Control: Enhanced torque response for steerability
Feedback: Minimized friction for tactile distal feedback
Choice: Broad selection of tip flexibilities and support levels







Technical Data

Guide Wire
Diameter 0.014"
Length 190 cm and 300 cm
Core wire material High tensile stainless steel
Proximal coil 21.5 cm, stainless steel
Distal coil 26 mm, palladium, radiopaque
Proximal (shaft) coating PTFE
Distal coating Hydrophilic (30 cm)
Range of tip flexibilities High flexible (HF), flexible (F), medium (M)
Range of support levels Standard and Extra Support (ES)
Shaft markers 92 cm and 102 cm from distal end

Ordering Information


Tip Shape      Tip Flexibility     Color Code   Support Level         Length

406886 Straight High flexible Red Standard 190 cm
406887 Straight Flexible Orange Standard 190 cm
406888 Straight Medium Blue Standard 190 cm
406889 Straight Flexible Yellow Extra Support 190 cm
406890 Galeo EW (Extension Wire) - - Purple - 150 cm



1 Indication as per IFU.