Destino Reach

DestinoTM Reach

Deflectable Sheath

The Destino Reach is a bidirectional steerable guiding sheath, featuring full 180° deflection and a low profile that provides ease of access. The Destino Reach is the ultimate tool for gaining access to the most difficult to reach sites, while maintaining hemostasis with SureSealTM technology. The sheath is intended for the introduction and placement of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the heart.

BIOTRONIK Destino Reach

Product Features

Tapered Tip

Tapered Tip

Smooth crossing profile through the septal wall

◾ Soft, atraumatic tip
◾ Smooth, tapered sheath tip to dilator transition

Hemostatic Valve

SureSealTM Hemostatic Valve

Technology to minimize air embolism and blood loss

◾ Tight sealing hemostatic valve
◾ Seals down to 0.035'' for full guidewire compatibility

Bidirectional Deflection

Bidirectional Deflection

Full versatility, e.g. in the left atrium

◾ Complete 180° deflection
◾ Ergonomic, rotational symmetric handle with established twist steering mechanism