EHRA 2023

At BIOTRONIK, we are proud to celebrate 60 years of excellence in the field of cardiac technology this year. Born in the heart of Europe, BIOTRONIK has been a pioneer in the industry, introducing state-of-the-art solutions that help save and improve the lives of millions all over the world. As we reflect on the past 60 years and look forward to the future, we will join the EHRA 2023 congress in Barcelona where we stand out as a company with a long European heritage. We’re pleased to invite you to visit our booth to experience the passion and commitment that sets us apart. Let us show you why BIOTRONIK is a name you can trust, a name that has stood the test of time, and a name that will continue to innovate with heart.

Born in Europe, Celebrating 60 Years in Europe! Join Us at EHRA Congress!

We are looking forward to our participation and welcoming clinicians, healthcare professionals and scientists at this year’s EHRA 2023 congress when we also celebrate 60 years of innovation in cardiac care. Join us at our booth to embark on a journey through our seven stations where you can experience a CSP implantation simulation, test our LiveSupport technology, put on our Zero-Gravity® suspended radiation protection system and learn about our portfolio for remote patient management to advance cardiac care. Additionally, you can try out the AcQMap® System and get excited about the capabilities of a non-contact mapping system to develop a true patient individual therapy.

Your Roadmap to a Better Cardiac Care

EHRA Conduction System Pacing (CSP) Summit

A BIOTRONIK-supported Conduction System Pacing (CSP) summit will take place in the run-up of the EHRA congress on April 15. The half-day summit is designed to provide practical information on CSP implantation. The content will be based on the EHRA 2023 consensus document on CSP implantation which will be released before the congress. 

Hands-on Tutorials

To enhance your understanding about the BIOTRONIK tools, we invite you to join our hands-on tutorials:

  • Increasing implantation success for current LBBAP implanters (April 16, 15:00) 
  • Step-by-step introductory tutorial for successful LBBAP implantation (April 17, 15:00) 
  • Radiation Protection Solutions: Zero-Gravity, StemRad (exo-skeleton) & Texray (brain protector) (April 16, 16:00; April 17, 11:00, 16:00) 

New Offering

This year we are proud to be presenting the latest addition to the HeartInsight Heart Failure Management Solution. It is the first system to automatically collect patient-reported symptoms and behaviors via the Patient App, thereby involving patients in their own care and enabling you to incorporate signs and symptoms into your workflow. You will be the first one to hear about this innovative patient engagement functionality.


Visit BIOTRONIK’s Booth to Experience the Future of Cardiac Care

Our booth will be equipped with dozens of interactive displays and demonstrators across seven stations, depicting the latest solutions we have around CRM, EP and Radiation Protection. This year we are proud to showcase:

  • Hands-on models of the BIOTRONIK devices,
  • CSP implantation with a Mentice Simulator,
  • Demonstration of LiveSupport technology,
  • Digital remote monitoring services,
  • Heart failure management solutions,
  • AcQMap 3D Imaging & Mapping System & Contact Force Ablation,
  • Comprehensive Radiation Protection Solutions.

BIOTRONIK experts will be there to introduce you to our services and technologies, and answer questions you may have.

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