Guidion Hydro

Vascular Intervention // Coronary
Guide Extension Catheter
Guidion Hydro
Designed for reliable delivery of devices to target




Guidion Hydro

Designed for reliable delivery of devices to target

Soft tip with true distal end visibility

The soft tapered tip is designed to be atraumatic by conforming to vessel anatomy. Additionally, the actual distal end visibility enables more accurate device placement.

Coil embedded shaft with distal flex zone for enhanced deliverability1

The fully embedded coil reinforced shaft with distal flexzone enhances the GEC deliverability to reach distal parts of the coronary arteries. Its coiled shaft is designed to maintain lumen integrity and does not oval when curved, providing strength and backup support for device delivery.

Hydrophilic coating for advanced trackability

The distal tubing ends in an integrated soft tip. The hydrophilic coating reduces friction, facilitating trackability.1

Guidion Hydro

Guide Extension Catheter

Technical Data

Guide Extension Catheter
French size 5F, 6F, 7F and 8F
Shaft material Polyether Block Amide
Tip Flexible, radiopaque, 1.3 mm length
Outer coating Hydrophilic distal 10 cm
Exit markers 95 cm and 105 cm
Ordering Information Ordering number IMDS article number Required guide catheter ID Guidion ID Rapid exchange length Usable length
   451663 G50F25150 5F, ID ≥ 0,056 0,041 25 cm 150 cm
   451664 G60F25150 6F, ID ≥ 0,070 0,056 25 cm 150 cm
   451665 G70F25150 7F, ID ≥ 0,078 0,062 25 cm 150 cm
   451666 G80F25150 8F, ID ≥ 0,088 0,071 25 cm 150 cm




*Indication as per IFU
1. IMDS data on file. 

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