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BIOTRONIK Professional Learning for Cardiac Device Management

BIOTRONIK is committed to supporting excellent, world-class cardiac rhythm management and cardiac electrophysiology training for healthcare professionals. Each training session or program creates opportunities to meet and discuss new developments which actively shape the future of cardiovascular medicine. By attending the professional learning, Cardiologists, Electrophysiologists, Cardiac Physiologists and medical staff are supported in maintaining the highest level of knowledge of BIOTRONIK’s state of the art products.

Early registration for all our UK & Ireland courses is recommended.

Cardiology Training class

Virtual Training

Face-To-Face Training

Virtual Training

BIOAcademy Live Webinar programs

BIOTRONIK UK & Ireland continues to deliver top class educational content to a wide range of Health Care Professionals, in recent times using digital platforms.  BIOTRONIK UK & Ireland developed LIVE WEBINAR sessions that can be attended LIVE or viewed later at an individuals convenience.  

September '20 Remote Cardiac Monitoring Webinar

How to set up and manage a seamless Remote Monitoring Cardiac Device Clinic:
Practical user Insights.

Moderated by Dr. David Hayes with guest Cardiac Physiologist from Swindon, UK Mr Matt Swift.


To read more on our dedicated Remote Cardiac Monitoring site, click here.

Exam Prep Course 2020

In the summer of 2020, BIOTRONIK UK & Ireland brought you the popular Exam Prep Course virtually!  Delegates were a combination of Allied Professionals and our faculty will reviewed IBHRE & BHRS syllabus for the six sessions. Bringing registered delegates a six-week-webinar program with a variety of expert speakers from across the UK, including Dr Prasad, Dr Thomas and Dr Campbell as well as highly experience Cardiac Physiologists, Emma Burton & Chris Monkhouse, delivering content in an inclusive and interactive format. 

Should your Cardiac team require bespoke virtual training more focused on BIOTRONIK product algorithms, practical tips for programming or help setting up your Home Monitoring, please get in touch.  Keep scrolling down for more LIVE BIOAcademy webinars. 

Virtual BIOAcademy Study Days 2020

In 2020, BIOTRONIK UK is pleased to announce virtual Study days to facilitate ongoing refresher training specific to BIOTRONIK products.  

Check back here for more details soon or contact your local BIOTRONIK team if you need a bespoke training package!

2020 Summer Program

Wed 24th Jun 12-1pm:        Indications & device selection - registration has now closed.
Wed 1st July 5-6pm:             Timing Cycles Refresher - registration has now closed.
Wed 8th July 5-6.30pm:       EGM cases & traces - registration has now closed.
Wed 15th July 5-6.30pm:     Radiology & Complications - registration has now closed.
Wed 22nd July 5-6pm:         Pharmacology - registration has now closed.
Wed 29th July 5-6pm:          Exam tips/tricks & Pot Pourri - registration has now closed.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring webinar

BIOTRONIK UK & Ireland hosted a BIOAcademy Live Webinar on Remote Cardiac Monitoring on 9th July 2020, for those looking to hear more about clinical evidence that supports Home Monitoring technology, and a short review of how this technology works. 

Let us reassure you with the evidence.  On Demand recorded Webinar available soon!

To read more on our dedicated Remote Cardiac Monitoring site, click here.


To learn more about Home Monitoring technology, hear from patients and UK health care professionals, or read through some of the date, click through to our Product section.

COVID-19 Recorded Webinar May 2020

Watch recorded LIVE WEBINAR below:

"The Impact of COVID-19 on CIED Patient Care".

Recorded in May 2020 with guest speakers Mrs Herbert (RDE Hospital, Exeter) and Mr Swift (GWH, Swindon) - both experience Cardiac Physiologists who share their pre, during and post COVID practice and expectations. 

To listen, please unmute and play full screen for optimal viewing.

Face-To-Face Training

BIOAcademy Course Programs in Person

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, the educational program is interupted.  All training is available in smaller elements through our video conferencing platform. Contact your local Rep for further details, or send your name and job description, hospital and educational requirements to



In 2018, BIOTRONIK launched a new educational program, partnering with globally renowned expert in Sudden Cardiac Death, Professor Pedro Brugada.  Each event (hosted in European locations) addresses potential gaps in clinical evidence on topics.

“The major driver of scientific progress is realizing what we do not know, becoming aware of our ignorance. What we know is somehow already a solved problem. Real progress can only be made by recognizing and studying the areas where we are ignorant. Searching and solving the unknown.” Professor Brugada

Exam Prep Course

BIOTRONIK are pleased to offer this highly regarded IBHRE/BHRS prep course, facilitated by Dr Campbell and an expert panel. The IBHRE syllabus is reflected in the course agenda over two days.  99% of delegates surveyed said they would recommend this course to others. The sessions are dynamic, interactive, and the course in high demand, and when surveyed, 89% said they felt the content was 'about right'!


CRM UK Masterclass

These courses have been locally developed to enhance Cardiac Physiologists knowledge of BIOTRONIK CRM devices, algorithms and studies. Delivered regionally and supported by valued and experienced guest speakers from surrounding hospitals. This is a one day interactive program, where delegates learn and exchange best clinical practise. There are several Masterclasses available focused on Pacemaker, ICD therapies and Cardiac Resynchronisation.

BIOTRONIK Product Training

Hosted in BIOTRONIK UK HQ in Bicester, these snappy, interactive days are focused on BIOTRONIK's unique CRM or VI innovations such as CLS, DX, Home Monitoring, BIOMONITOR III, Zero Gravity and Orsiro. Cardiac HCPs learn from fellow clinicians about application of such technologies using real-life experience and case studies.


CRT Implanters Training Day

Utilising teaching aids like the Implant Simulator is a realistic tool that gives physicians the opportunity to learn through practice. Dealing with emergencies as they come up, physicians usually have to rely on real-life events to master their lifesaving skills. With our simulator, cardiologists and electrophysiologists can get hands-on training without the risk of any negative consequences for the patient. 

EPIC Alliance

Due to the small number of women in EP and in leadership roles the Electrophysiologist International Community Alliance (EPIC) offers a professional development program specifically for female EPs and Cardiac Implanted Electronic Device (CIED) specialists. The EPIC Alliance is a global network of female EPs who collaborate and inspire each other. It ensures a promotion of topics like professional development, work-life-balance, education on radiation and fortified clinical research (such as BIOWOMEN) as well as speaking opportunities for women.

International Fellowship Program (IFP)

BIOTRONIK are able to offer limited places for company educational events led by key world-renowned innovators to discuss hot topics and gain practical experience. These seminars are hosted at BIOTRONIK headquarters in Berlin, and other international centres of excellence. To be accepted on these high-quality programs, the UK & Ireland team will be responsible for nominations through summer months - contact your local UK/IRE Rep to express interest.

Program runs Sept to June each year.

Zero Gravity Training

BIOTRONIK offer bespoke training on the unique weightless radiation protection system now available in the UK & Ireland.  This capital equipment comes in a variety of floor or ceiling mounted products, and training is required for all HCPs involved in the installation of this capital equipment.  After initial enquiries are made via the sales team, alongside a recorded webinar highlighting the clinical evidence highlighting the radiation exposure and orthopaediac challenges some Cardiologists can be expose to, BIOTRONIK will then tailor training to ensure Zero Gravity is perfectly adopted, maintained and protected for maximum use within the theatre/lab setting. 


Listen to Professor Brugada who explains the concept of the BIOALLIANCE educational program

Asked how the first day of BIOALLIANCE London went, and why the BIOALLIANCE program was important, Professor Pedro Brugada shares his opinion on the educational importance and the crucial and varied roles of a Cardiologist.