Maximized Precision. Minimized Workload.

Physicians working with ICMs often have a very heavy workload. False positive AF detections only add to this burden and make effective diagnosis more difficult.

BIOMONITOR IIIm is designed to minimise unnecessary work by significantly reducing AF false positives.1 BIOMONITOR IIIm also works to maximise precision by consistently delivering clear, high-definition ECGs—helping physicians focus on the things that really matter.


Injection Procedure in Less Than One Minute2

There’s no need for unnecessarily complicated delivery tool assemblies. BIOMONITOR IIIm is designed to streamline time-consuming and potentially costly multi-step procedures.

Minimized Workload

Minimized workload

With its breakthrough RhythmCheck algorithm, BIOMONITOR IIIm greatly reduces time-consuming ECG reviews of episodes falsely detected as atrial fibrillation.

  • RhythmCheck eliminates 72% of false positive AF detections in patients with ectopic beats1
  • 52% of false positive detections are due to ectopic beats7
  • RhythmCheck recognises every single ectopic beat and prevents them from being misinterpreted as atrial fibrillation
  • For maximum precision, the intelligent RhythmCheck algorithm dynamically adjusts to each patient’s unique rhythm

Maximized precision

BIOMONITOR IIIm delivers clinically actionable high-definition ECGs.

  • The unique BIOvector design provides high signal quality for fast and reliable ECG evaluation
  • Proven high quality signals with 89% mean P-wave visibility in sinus rhythm heart cycles3
  • High and stable 0.7 mV R-wave amplitude sensing allows for optimal arrhythmia detection3
  • Sensing is 99% noise free, helping maximise effective monitoring3
  • Precise calculation of AF burden includes episodes as short as 30 seconds
  • BIOMONITOR IIIm’s AF episode sensitivity (without the RhythmCheck algorithm) is 99.1%6
  • BIOMONITOR IIIm sensitivity for episodes of high ventricular rates, brady, asystole, and sudden rate drop is 100%5

Patient–Centered Monitoring Experience

Patient-centered monitoring experience

From injection to diagnosis, BIOMONITOR IIIm enhances workflow efficiency through every step of delivering a timely and accurate diagnosis.

  • One-Step Injection with a preloaded ICM makes BIOMONITOR IIIm suitable for in-office procedures
  • Using One-Step Injection, the median time from incision to tool removal is 39 seconds2
  • Fully automated, zero set-up Home Monitoring provides an industry-leading transmission compliance rate of 98%3
  • Comes with an industry-leading 5.5 years of longevity. This is particularly valuable for patient groups that benefit from extended monitoring
  • A unique Ectopy Counter provides count and trend data for the last 240 days – a potential marker for HF, AF, and stroke risk
  • An optional Patient App with a Home Monitoring synchronized symptom diary facilitates fast evaluation for rhythm-symptom correlations

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