Home Monitoring


About Home Monitoring

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® is a pioneering and award-winning remote cardiac monitoring system. It is the most user-friendly, most clinically actionable cardiac remote monitoring solution available today(TRUST). Designed for ease of use and high reliability, BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring automatically collects data from the patient’s device every night, typically while the patient sleeps. This data allows physicians to review cardiac function. The system is also capable of detecting and alerting physicians to relevant changes in patient health and the device status. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring provides enhanced efficiency for clinics and peace of mind for patients. BIOTRONIK was the first to offer worldwide cellular connectivity, the first to offer a mobile patient transmitter, and the first to develop an intelligent “traffic light“ system for efficient alert management. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring is also the only remote monitoring system to be approved by the FDA for early detection and as a replacement for device interrogation during in office follow ups.

Home Monitoring covers patients in more than 65 countries worldwide and is available for heart patients with: