CIRSE 2020

CIRSE 2020 Summit


Visit us at the ebooth by accessing and learn more about our latest products: Dynetic-35 – the next generation balloon-expandable cobalt chromium iliac stent, Passeo-35 Xeo – the brand new low profile PTA balloon, and Pulsar-18 T3 – the self- expanding stent system with a unique combination of 3 technologies


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On-demand Program - Posters
Available as of September 1, 2020
Session P-675: Impact of 4 French femoral access on resource use and cost – a health economic evaluation of the BIO4AMB study
Presenter: J. van den Berg


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On-demand Program – Free Paper Sessions
Available as of September 7, 2020
Session FP 3001 - Alternative techniques: 3001.6 - Clinical outcomes of endovascular treatment of PAD for 4 French and 6 French femoral access strategies – full cohort analysis of BIO4AMB multicenter, controlled trial
Presenter: M. Brodmann


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