Pulsar efficacy - An all-comers registry: 12-month results 1


  • Pulsar stents showed favorable study results at 12 months in patients with an average lesion length of 11.2 cm
  • A primary patency (PP) at 12 months of 79.5% and Freedom from Target Lesion Revascularization (FTLR) of 81%
  • Results are similar to published data of similar lesion lengths, including 4EVER (Pulsar-18) with a PP of 73.4% and a FTLR of 85.2%
  • No significant difference between TASC A/B vs. TASC C/D lesions (p = 0.55) and diabetics vs. non-diabetics (p = 0.92)

Patient Demographics

Picture shows patient demographics
Picture shows lesion characteristics

Study Design

  • Multi-center, prospective all-comers registry
  • Number of patients (n): 1482
  • Primary investigators: Dr. Michael Lichtenberg, Arnsberg, Germany and Prof. Dr. Günther Wittenberg, Bielefeld, Germany
  • Endpoints: PP3 at 6 and 12 months and FTLR
  • Follow-up at 6 and 12 months
  • Participating centers: Dr. B Hailer, Essen, Germany; Dr. Claus Nolte-Ernsting, Mülheim, Germany; Dr. Christiane Tiefenbacher, Wesel, Germany; Dr. Jawed Arjumand, Wuppertal, Germany; Dr. Michael Lichtenberg, Arnsberg, Germany; Dr. Günther Wittenberg, Bielefeld, Germany
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PEACE Primary Patency and Freedom from TLR in Perspective

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BIOTRONIK 4 F system Passeo-18

Vascular Intervention

Self-expanding StentOne-handed stent release for accurate stent deployment

Picture shows Pulsar-35

Vascular Intervention

Self-expanding StentTri-axial shaft for a stable delivery system during stent deployment

1 Lichtenberg M. JEVT. 2014; 21: 373-380.
2 30 patients were lost before 12-month follow-up (18 declined re-evaluation, five withdrew consent and seven died)
3 Defined as binary duplex ultrasound PSVR < 2.5 at the stented target lesion(s) and freedom from Target Lesion Revascularization (FLR)

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