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Going Back to Work

The vast majority of heart device patients who work return to their jobs after a short recovery. When you are used to your implant, you can return to work after consulting your physician. Only a few jobs are no longer possible for safety reasons.

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Workplace Risks

May I Drive?

Workplace Risks
Patient Workplace Risks

Workplace Risks

As you have a heart device, you should avoid devices that emit strong mechanical forces or electromagnetic fields. This applies, for instance, to electrical tools such as drills or saws. Read the manufacturer's instructions, which may restrict use for individuals with implanted heart devices.
Before working on industrial sites or near large generators, power stations, power lines, or radio, television and radar transmitters, it is essential that you first consult your company safety officer and discuss the possible risks with your physician.

May I Drive?
BIOTRONIK Patient Drive

May I Drive?

Whether you can professionally drive long distances in a car, truck or on a motorcycle is assessed on an individual basis. Patients who sometimes lose consciousness as a result of their arrhythmia may have driving restrictions that should be followed to avoid hurting themselves or others. Every patient should check with his or her physician about if and when they can drive with the heart device.