Clinical trial to assess the safety and performance of the coated Passeo-18 Lux paclitaxel-releasing PTA balloon catheter versus the uncoated Passeo-18 balloon catheter for treatment of stenosis of the femoropopliteal arteries


  • In BIOLUX P-I, the Passeo-18 Lux drug-coated balloon demonstrated a significant reduction in late lumen loss (LLL) and binary restenosis at 6 months compared to the percutaneous transluminous angiography (PTA) control balloon.
  • At 12 months, freedom from Target Lesion Revscularisation (FTLR) was achieved in 84.6% of DRB patients and 58.3% of PTA patients.
  • In addition, patients receiving treatment with Passeo-18 Lux showed greater improvement in Rutherford class compared to baseline (72%) vs. those receiving treatment with PTA (65.2%).
  • At 12 months, Passeo-18 Lux demonstrated significantly better clinical performance compared to the control PTA balloon, which was in line with data from similar, competitor drug-coated balloon (DCB) randomised clinical trials.

Baseline Characteristics and Lesion Characteristics

Picture shows baseline characteristics
Picture shows lesion characteristics

Study Design

Prospective, multi-center, 1:1 randomized, controlled trial enrolling 60 patients at five clinical sites in Germany and Austria.

  • Number of patients (n): 60
  • Clinical Sites: 5 sites in Germany and Austria
  • Principal investigator: Dr. Dierk Scheinert, Leipzig, Germany
  • Primary endpoint: 6-month LLL in target lesion measured by quantitative vascular angiography (QVA) by an independent corelab
  • Secondary endpoints: 6-month binary restenosis, 6- and 12-month TLR, 6- and 12-month change in mean ankle-brachial index (ABI) and Rutherford class, major adverse event (MAE) at 6 and 12 months (procedure or device-related death or amputation, TL thrombosis, clinically driven TLR)
Picture shows study design

6-Month Follow-up

Picture shows study results

12-Month Results (Kaplan-Meier Estimates)

Picture shows results


Picture shows Passeo-18 Lux

Vascular Intervention

Drug-Coated BalloonClinically proven to reduce restenosis and the need for reinterventions

Picture shows Passeo-18

Vascular Intervention

PTA BalloonHighly pushable coaxial shaft design for most distal lesion access

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