Bradycardia Therapy Overview
Bradycardia Therapy

Bradycardia Therapy

Bradycardia Therapy

A bradycardia is a condition of the heart, where the heart is beating in a (sometimes irregular) rhythm that is too slow to maintain sufficient supply of oxygenated blood throughout the body. Such conditions may be caused by dysfunctions of the sino-atrial (SA) node, the atrio-ventricular (AV) node, or other parts of the heart's conduction system. In these cases bradycardia therapy aims at restoring a regular sinus rhythm and sufficient heart rate through battery-powered devices (referred to as pacemakers or implantable pulse generators [IPG]) using small electrical impulses delivered through leads directly to the heart in an effort to stimulate heart muscle cells externally, when intrinsic stimulation fails or is unreliable.


Pacing Leads

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring

Home Monitoring guided care allows healthcare staff to react in advance of status deterioration, and improves therapy safety, patient outcomes and survival.


ProMRI® Today’s choice of implanted cardiac system defines tomorrow’s patient care. Having an implanted cardiac device should not mean that an MRI scan is completely prohibited during the entire lifetime of the implanted system.


CLS is the only and unique physiological sensor able to adapt the heart rate in total synchrony with the autonomic system and is the only one able to react both to mental and physical activities.