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Margit Rudloff
Margit Rudloff

Margit Rudloff

“It’s reassuring that the cause of my discomfort was finally discovered.”

Margit Rudloff (65)

How it all began

The medical history of Margit from Salzatal, Germany, began with emergency surgery. After multiple instances of fainting and cases of nausea, vomiting and high blood pressure, in the summer of 2013 she suffered a fall so severe that she required an artificial ankle. She ultimately ended up seeing a cardiologist because such symptoms are often related to cardiovascular diseases.

She underwent several tests to identify the potential cause of her circulatory system problems, but no apparent abnormalities were discovered. Even a long-term ECG and blood pressure monitoring did not reveal any new details. “My cardiologist then told me about BioMonitor 2, which reliably detects cardiac rhythm disturbances that occur and transmits them fully automatically to the practice every day,” said Rudloff.


BioMonitor 2: a small device with huge benefits

She had the BioMonitor 2 implanted at the end of 2015. “The operation only took a few minutes. The surgeon positioned the device near my heart through a tiny incision. I don’t feel anything from it today.” With the help of BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring, her BioMonitor 2 continuously records the heart rhythm and transmits the data to her cardiologist. She can also start the recording and transmission of an ECG on her own using the Remote Assistant, a small square transmitter. “As soon as I notice symptoms, I hold the device over my implanted device and press a button. Then the recording starts.”

BioMonitor 2

BioMonitor 2 - Cardiac monitor von BIOTRONIK

Living her life without fear

She has been feeling safer since she started wearing the BIOTRONIK cardiac monitor: “It’s reassuring that the cause of my discomfort was finally found using Home Monitoring and the BioMonitor 2, and that I was able to receive the best possible treatment.”

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