Our Mindset

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Our Mindset

BIOTRONIK as an Employer

The medical devices industry is characterized by breakthrough developments and fascinating innovations. Therefore committed, creative and team-oriented professionals and leaders are an important factor in the success of our company. Together with our employees we work to create an environment that promotes innovation in a sustainable manner, acknowledges performance and ensures our competitiveness in the long term.

To be an employer of choice in our industry, both for our current employees and for potential candidates, we went through a rigorous evaluation by the Top Employers Institute, an independent consulting firm.

The institute awarded us top marks for our HR strategy in the categories of Career & Succession Management, Talent Development and Performance Management. As a result, we were named „Top Employer Germany 2017“ for the second year in a row.

Professional Development

BIOTRONIK understands the need for ongoing professional development in order to maintain high standard of service and deliverable.

We encourage a continuous learning culture to uphold our best professional capabilities.

Equal Employment Opportunity & Anti-Discrimination

BIOTRONIK is committed to providing equal access to equal employment opportunity (“EEO”) for all prospective employees within the recruitment process and the existence of a non-discriminatory work environment. BIOTRONIK prohibits discrimination and ensures that all persons have equal employment opportunities in the recruitment and selection process.

Recruitment and promotion is based on merit, to ensure the person selected will be the person who best meets the requirements of a position. EEO and Anti-Discrimination enables the best person to be chosen in each individual circumstance regardless of their gender, race, religious conviction, family responsibility, marital status, disability, sexual orientation and/or political belief.

BIOTRONIK as an employer chooses to embrace differences and is proud of the diverse workforce that we are today.

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