Training & Education


Training & Education

Cardiac Rhythm Management Training and Education

BIOTRONIK is committed to supporting excellent, world-class cardiac rhythm management and cardiac electrophysiology training for healthcare professionals. Each training session or program creates opportunities to meet and discuss new developments which actively shape the future of cardiovascular medicine. By attending a training, cardiologists, electrophysiologists or medical staff are supported in maintaining the highest level of knowledge of BIOTRONIK’s state of the art products.

European Physician Education Program

The set of courses are designed to prepare physicians for the EHRA cardiac device exam. Our focus is clinical relevance, patient interaction, and practical application.This unique education plan has been established to support 4th to 5th-year physicians in their professional development. To deepen clinical as well as technical understanding, the curriculum will be delivered by physician experts in the field of cardiac rhythm management and in close cooperation with professional educators.



Give a deeper insight into mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias

Review indications for different therapeutic options and their practical applications

Provide practice follow-ups for patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring

This two-day Cardiac Rhythm Management training program has been fashioned for medical professionals who are involved in the follow-up of patients with implantable pacemakers, ICDs, and CRT devices. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring, an innovative technology for remote monitoring of cardiac devices patients, has opened new avenues towards advanced, need-based patient management ensuring the highest level of care in device therapy. 



Understanding of the functionality, workflow models of clinical use

Clinical evaluation of BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring findings and its practical consequences

Share experience with other experts in the field of remote patient management

Implant Simulator Training

The Implant Simulator is a realistic tool that gives physicians the opportunity to learn through practice. Dealing with emergencies as they come up, physicians usually have to rely on real-life events to master their lifesaving skills. With our simulator, cardiologists and electrophysiologists can get hands-on training without the risk of any negative consequences for the patient. Our aim with this simulator is to create a training program for customers while giving you the opportunity to meet with the physician in a relaxed atmosphere.



Understanding of the challenges and difficulties encountered during device implantation

Gaining implantation skills through hands-on practice

Improving patient safety and reducing errors

EPIC Alliance

Due to the small number of women in EP and in leadership roles the Electrophysiologist International Community Alliance (EPIC) offers a professional development program specifically for female EPs and Cardiac Implanted Electronic Device (CIED) specialists. The EPIC Alliance is a global network of female EPs who collaborate and inspire each other. It ensures a promotion of topics like professional development, work-life-balance, education on radiation and fortified clinical research as well as speaking opportunities for women.



Attract female practitioners to Electrophysiology and Cardiology

Increase the number and prominence of female speakers at national and international meetings

Provide speaking opportunities for young female EPs

Present “role-models” and increase attention to different ways to success

BIOTRONIK CRM Employee Training

At BIOTRONIK, employees are considered to be the most precious asset which is reflected in our profound internal education scheme. BIOTRONIK provides eight different cardiac rhythm management trainings tailored to our employees' needs.



Providing employees with encompassing knowledge of our products and their application

Informing about scientific development in cardiac rhythm management

Meeting standards for field personnel set by the European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA), the Hearth Rhythm Society (HRS), and hospital quality management requirements based on ISO 9001

Ensuring personal development and permanent education