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For a Sustainable Future

For a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is a Matter for the Heart

For around 60 years we have been preserving the lives of patients and improving their quality of life with our innovative products and solutions. At the same time, we are aware that sustainability has many dimensions and that the world is experiencing a historic transformation toward a greener, more social and better-governed economy. BIOTRONIK is actively helping to shape these changes and is committed to more sustainability. As a global medical technology company, we are aware of our responsibility toward people and the environment and we know that: the task of helping to shape a more sustainable future has never been so clear nor as urgent as it is today.

BIOTRONIK Nachhaltigkeit Dr. Alexander Uhl CEO

“At BIOTRONIK we work day by day to live our guiding principle ‘Excellence for life’. For us, this means: always giving our best to ensure the safety of patients at all times. To do this we are continuously developing innovative, sustainable and unique solutions and products, and we offer our customers excellent service.”

Dr. Alexander Uhl, CEO and member of the Executive Board.

A Clear Strategy Sets the Direction

With our 2030 Sustainability Strategy, we’ll ensure that more people have access to high-quality medical technology and that the available resources of our planet are used and protected in the best possible way.

The sustainability strategy focuses our previously individual activities, provides orientation and ensures that our actions have an impact. It will help us to anchor sustainability in our decision-making over the long term, to set the right focus and to clearly communicate our goals to both internal and external stakeholders. 

With the aid of a materiality analysis, we identified and evaluated the most significant sustainability topics for us. Based on those results we have distilled out three strategic areas of action with nine focus topics for our 2030 Sustainability Strategy.

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Our Areas of Action and Focus Topics

BIOTRONIK Gesunder Planet

Healthy Planet

As a manufacturing company, we are aware of our impact on the environment and the accompanying responsibility. As sustainable business is part of our work ethics, we formulate goals and implement measures geared towards greenhouse gas neutrality1 and circular economy.


Focus Topics: 

  • Emissions and energy
  • Waste and recycling
  • Product and packaging materials
BIOTRONIK Hohe Lebensqualität

Better Quality of Life

We are strengthening our society, by helping people to live better lives. We are able to do this, primarily, through the supply of our innovative products and services and our social commitment. At the same time, we encourage our employees and offer them a multi-faceted environment in which to evolve and develop their potential.

Focus Topics: 

  • Product innovations and quality management
  • Diversity, equality, and inclusion
  • Training and professional development
  • Health and safety
BIOTRONIK Gute Unternehmensführung

Good Corporate Governance

We act responsibly and with integrity. This is the basis of our business success and a central part of our corporate governance. Applicable law, ethical principles as well as our corporate values and internal guidelines show us the way.

Focus Topics

  • Compliance and integrity
  • Responsibility in our supply chain
1 Measured in CO₂-equivalents (CO2e)

Significant Certificates

Our headquarters are certified according to the following ISO standards:

BIOTRONIK Sustainability ISO Certificate Energy
BIOTRONIK Sustainability ISO Certificate Environment
BIOTRONIK Sustainability ISO Certificate 45001

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