Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Patients and daily life

Patient Stories

How do patients deal with their cardiovascular disease? Which BIOTRONIK therapy solutions helped them? How do they manage daily life and what advice or tips do they have for others? Some BIOTRONIK patients would like to share their personal experience with you. Read more here.

Sascha Vergin Tour 2015

Sascha Vergin (37)

"I’m grateful for my little helper."

Barbara Hanson

Barbara Hanson (74)

“My kids are happy to know that there is a monitoring system.”

Detlef Günther

Detlef Günther (53)

“I can finally enjoy my everyday life again.”

Marianella Cordero

Marianella Cordero (38)

„It’s not just a pacemaker, but a smile-maker and a dream-maker.“

Margit Rudloff

Margit Rudloff (65)

“It’s reassuring that the cause of my discomfort was finally discovered.”