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Our offers & perspectives
Our Offers and Perspectives

Our Offers and Perspectives

Challenging Work with a Variety of Opportunities

Pioneers Welcome

Medical technology is a branch of the future. In a field marked by rapid developments and short innovation cycles, committed, creative and team-oriented professionals and managers are the best recipe for sustainable success. Where permanent change sets the course, we constantly and purposefully rely on cooperation and teamwork at all levels. The company's international nature opens up possibilities for participation in projects with our subsidiaries and sales companies worldwide. In short, working at BIOTRONIK means:

  • being encouraged to think and act entrepreneurially,
  • working in teams and projects with a focus on achieving tasks and objectives,
  • developing yourself professionally,
  • being able to qualify yourself for new tasks and positions in the company.

Family-friendly Working Hours

The majority of our employees can follow our flexible work schedule with core time and flextime. They can largely decide their own working hours and balance them with their private lifes.

Comprehensive Health Promotion

When the heart is your business, you do well to pay attention to the rest of your health too. We are constantly optimizing the working conditions in our company, follow the latest safety standards, and offer health screenings, immunizations, and much more - not to mention the physical fitness of our employees, which we of course promote as well. BIOTRONIK's sports team get their hearts pounding in various sports on track and filed.