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Our People

Our People

Since BIOTRONIK was founded in 1963 by Professor Dr. Max Schaldach senior, thousands of employees have worked for the company worldwide. They represent a dynamic and diverse group of people who bonded together with a drive for achievement, a dedication to producing top quality work, and a personal commitment to excellence. They are the fuel behind our progress in making BIOTRONIK the fast-growing industry leader it is today, earning heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for their contributions to company success.

But what is equally as exciting as the advancements we have made as a team are the individual stories of the people who have chosen to build their careers here. These employees, working moment to moment, decision to decision, and year to year, are what makes BIOTRONIK an extraordinary place to work.

We invite you to read the stories of just a few of our exceptional employees, from locations around the world. Their experiences will give you a better insight into the rich culture, strong camaraderie, and valuable support you will find here at BIOTRONIK.

After learning about them, we hope you will consider joining our rapidly expanding team of professionals - professionals who have the vision, motivation, and expertise to create the next generation of innovation.

Our People

Our People

Team Lead HR Projects, Processes & Reporting

I began my career at BIOTRONIK at the age of 19. After high school, I decided to pursue a “cooperative education” program, a combination of vocational training and academic study...

Group Leader Quality Assurance

After my graduation in Quality Management, I started my career at BIOTRONIK in November 2002...

Director Production Active Implants

After more than 10 years in the consumer products business it was time to look for something that would be more meaningful and rewarding to me. I am a mechanical engineer by trade...