Cardiac Diagnostics

Diagnosis begins with the right device

BIOTRONIK’s BIOMONITOR III helps physicians detect and monitor evidence of a patient’s suspected arrhythmia or unexplained syncope, helping to improve the patient’s journey to good health. BIOMONITOR III is designed to give physicians a deeper understanding of the patient’s condition, and allows patients to maintain their normal daily activities with comfort and minimal interference.




BIOMONITOR III Injectable Cardiac Monitor

BIOMONITOR III is a small electrocardiogram (ECG) device that is capable of recording your heart rhythm over an extended period of time and stores information about irregularities in your heartbeat.

Your doctor injects the device just beneath the skin, usually directly over the heart. The device can closely monitor your heart’s activity using the ECG recordings. With this ECG information, your doctor is in a better position to make decisions about your diagnosis and treatment, and to provide you with the best care.




No external monitors, cables, or patches that attach to your skin

No lifestyle restrictions — BIOMONITOR III is comfortable and unobtrusive, allowing you to maintain the normal activities of your everyday life. Not visually noticeable under the skin for the vast majority of patients



Records heartbeat irregularities very precisely, stores the information, and transmits it to your doctor

Facilitates diagnosis — Your physician can diagnose your condition quickly, accurately, and reliably to provide you with the best care



BIOMONITOR III is injected just under the skin in a simple procedure that usually takes less than one minute and can be performed under local anesthesia

Routine procedure — Little or no disruption to your daily life for insertion procedure


How Does a Cardiac Monitor Work?

A cardiac monitor measures heart signals using sensors that are located at both ends of the device. Unlike an external heart monitor, a BIOTRONIK cardiac monitor operates without cables or attachments to the skin. As a result, you can maintain normal activities in your everyday life.

The special design of the BIOTRONIK cardiac monitor allows optimal signal quality, and the device can record irregularities in the heartbeat very precisely and then store them. Stored ECGs can be transmitted to the doctor through the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® Service Center on a daily basis.

1 BIOMONITOR III Patient Manual: manuals.biotronik.com