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A Wholehearted Welcome to BIOTRONIK!
Learn more about the heritage, commitment to excellence and innovation that went into the development of the BIOTRONIK Patient App.

A Wholehearted Welcome to BIOTRONIK!

Learn more about the heritage, commitment to excellence and innovation that went into the development of the BIOTRONIK Patient App.


Your Companion for Cardiac Care

Stay Connected to Your Physician*
Document and share your symptoms with your physician using a digital symptom diary. The digital symptom diary is a messaging function that allows your physician to notify you to call back when needed.

Stay Updated
View the latest information from your implanted device.

Perfect with Home Monitoring*
Your device is fully integrated with the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® system. Take full advantage of the functionality integrated into the Patient App.


Download the BIOTRONIK Patient App for Free


*HMSC enrollment is optional and may not be used by all physicians

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Get to know more

Main Patient App Functions

Connecting you to real-time data and personalized information

  • Record symptoms and automatically send the information to your doctor*.
  • Your digital patient ID card shows the important details of your device.
  • See the latest status of your device and its longevity.
  • View your heart rate details over time.
  • Access additional device information and Help functions.


Interactive Tour

What does the BIOTRONIK Patient App look like?
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Get started
Patient App Steps

1 You have received a BIOTRONIK cardiac implant compatible with the BIOTRONIK Patient App. You will receive a patient ID card with a QR code.
2 Download the BIOTRONIK Patient App.
3 Register using the QR code on your patient ID card.
4 Confirm your registration via the email you will receive after registering.
5 Log in and start using the Patient App.

The BIOTRONIK Patient App is available for free and will work with a BIOTRONIK cardiac device that is compatible with the app. Compatible BIOTRONIK cardiac devices are:

  • Edora, Eluna, Enitra, Enticos, Epyra, Etrinsa, Evity 
  • Acticor, Rivacor
  • Ilivia, Ilivia Neo, Inlexa, Intica, Intica Neo, Inventra, Iperia, Itrevia

Download the instructions detailing how to download and register the app.

Download the BIOTRONIK Patient App for Free

The BIOTRONIK Patient App is available via the AppStore ® for iOS ®

For Android phones, the BIOTRONIK Patient App is available via Google PlayTM for Google Android smartphones



Why an app?
When interacting with BIOTRONIK patients, we noticed many of them would like to be more involved with their therapy and learn more about their device. The BIOTRONIK Patient App keeps you updated on various aspects of the device and the daily monitoring of you heart rhythm. You can also share detailed information with your clinician about the symptoms you experience, which is helpful when making therapy decisions.

Will the app help to improve my cardiac health status?
The app does not directly provide therapy, but there are situations where the app can help your clinician make important therapy decisions. You can record symptoms as they are happening with the Patient App. This information can be automatically sent to your clinician and combined with the data transmitted via Home Monitoring. Now your doctor has greater visibility into your condition and can make therapy changes if necessary. With the app, you can keep your health care team fully informed. Talk with your doctor to find whether these functions would be helpful.

Is my BIOTRONIK device compatible with the app?
On your Patient ID card, you can find the name of your implanted device. The following BIOTRONIK cardiac devices are compatible with the app:

  • Edora, Eluna, Enitra, Enticos, Epyra, Etrinsa, Evity
  • Acticor, Rivacor
  • Ilivia, Ilivia Neo, Inlexa, Intica, Intica Neo, Inventra, Iperia, Itrevia

You need to have BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring to take full advantage of the app. Contact your clinician to find out what BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring can provide you.

Is my smartphone compatible?
All smartphones using Android 8.1 or Apple iOS 12 or higher can be used with the BIOTRONIK Patient App. 

Is the Patient App compatible with other health apps?
The BIOTRONIK Patient App can be used in parallel with other health apps you may have. However, there is no data integration between the Patient App and other health apps.

Do I need the app to use BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring?
No. Home Monitoring Service Center is designed to be fully functional without the Patient App connected.

Will my device be impacted if I make a mistake with the Patient App?
No, the Patient App does not control your device. The longevity of your device or any of its functions can not be affected by using the app. We recommend you contact your health care team before using the app.

What if I forget to record my symptoms in the Patient App?
No problem. You can enter your symptoms anytime in the Patient app. We recommend you contact your health care team about the Symptom Diary of the Patient App and how to use it in your specific situation. 

What does my doctor do with the information?
The symptom information in your Symptom Diary can be evaluated by your health care team together along with the other information collected from the Home Monitoring Service Center. They can compare the information detected by your device and the symptoms you have recorded. This can be helpful for your clinician to make an informed decision.

Who can see my data?
The same strict data protection rules apply for the data sent by your Patient App as the data transmitted by the Home Monitoring Service Center. Only authorized members from your health care team can look at your data.

I do not have BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring. Can I use the app?
If your patient ID card includes a QR code, you can register for the BIOTRONIK Patient App even though you are not using BIOTRONIK's Home Monitoring Service Center. If you are not using BIOTRONIK's Home Monitoring Service Center, you will not have access to the full functionality of the app. We do recommend signing up for BIOTRONIK's Home Monitoring Service Center by connecting with your clinician.

I do not have an ID card. What should I do?
Contact your clinician or health care staff. In most cases, you will receive a patient ID card shortly after the implant procedure.

How do I register for the app?
You need to download the app first and then register. Have your ID card ready. You also might need the CardioMessenger Smart to register.

Should I inform my doctor about using the app?
Before you start using the app, we recommend you first talk with your clinician or medical staff. During this conversation, the benefits of the app in your specific situation can be discussed.

Can I share the app with one of my family members or caretakers?
Yes, the app can also be used by other people (e.g., family members) using your registration information. Please make sure that you only provide authorized people the login information to your Patient App. We highly recommend you and the additional authorized users protect your data by locking your phones with a personal identification number (PIN), fingerprint or face ID.


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Your data, your choice

At BIOTRONIK, we believe in patient self-empowered data management. Which is why, your device data stays with you and your doctor – we only provide the reports to your doctor as they need it. Nevertheless, your device data can make a difference in improving healthcare access and making therapeutic decisions. 



Your BIOTRONIK cardiac device and the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system are completely automated and function with or without the use of the Patient App. Although the Patient App offers great new functionality, its use is optional, not mandatory, to the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system.

BIOTRONIK Patient App is not a replacement for emergency care and should only be used as directed by a physician.

This page may include information about products that may not be available in your region or country. Content on specific BIOTRONIK products is not intended for users in markets that do not have authorization for use.

*BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring and full Patient App functionality require enrollment by your physician. Please consult with your physician to determine if they are available as part of your care.