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Produkty i technologie

Leczenie zaburzeń rytmu serca

The business unit CRM captures implantable devices, leads and accessories as well as external devices to treat and manage arrhythmias-related diseases. Specifically designed implantable devices for either too slow a heart rythm (pacemakers) or too fast a rhythm (cardioverter defibrillators) help patients benefit as their overall health status can be improved.

Key innovative treatment options of BIOTRONIK CRM such as BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring, ProMRI i.e. MR conditional devices, the DX technology, Closed-Loop-Stimulation as an highly advanced system to physiologically regulate cardiac activity, and fractal coating coin the path of innovative milestones of BIOTRONIK.

Leczenie chorób naczyniowych

Our broad range of products work to restore blood flow to vessels of the heart (coronary) and body (peripheral) that are narrowed or blocked.  We produce a full range of stent systems, balloon catheters and guide wires for patients with coronary and peripheral artery disease.

BIOTRONIK is a true innovator in the field, having introduced Pulsar, the world's first 4 F-compatible stent for treating long lesions, in 2009 and Orsiro, the industry's first hybrid drug-eluting stent, in 2011.


BIOTRONIK has an unsurpassed legacy of providing quality therapy solutions. We cultivate expertise in understanding the challenges electrophysiologists face so that we can provide state-of-the-art technology with precise performance and highly reliable results.