3Flow Aspiration Catheter

Vascular Intervention // Accessory Products
Coronary Guide Wire
Large inner diameter enables extraction of larger thrombotic particles
Extra large 60 ml locking syringe allows for longer aspiration time
Hydrophilic coating for optimal trackability

Technical Data

3Flow Aspiration Catheter
Aspiration catheter 3Flow 6F
Outer diameter (dist./mid/prox.) 0.067”/0.067”/0.051”
Guide catheter min. inner diameter 0.071” (1.80 mm)
Usable length 145 cm
Proximal shaft PEEK
Distal shaft SCP (Semi Crystalline Polymer)
Coating (distal 25 cm) Hydrophilic
Distal marker band Platinum-iridium, 3 mm from tip


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