Cardiac Monitoring. Made Clearer.

Every year, more and more patients are receiving ICMs – all of which must be actively managed, creating additional workloads for everyone involved. BIOMONITOR III is the ICM that delivers easier and more efficient injection and monitoring, and our unique BIOvector design provides the clearest signals for easier evaluation and better informed diagnosis.


Injection Procedure in Less Than One Minute1

No need for unnecessarily complicated delivery tool assemblies. Eliminates time consuming and potentially costly multi-step procedures.

See the One-Step Injection procedure here.

Injection Procedure

Unique BIOvector Design

The BIOvector provides high signal amplitudes; the fractal coating increases the sensing surface area, and the unique lossless compression algorithm enhances the clarity of the signals.

  • It is comfortable, discreet, suits different body forms, and MRI scanning can be performed without any waiting period after injection, as the device is 1.5 T and 3.0 T full-body MR conditional. So it is both patient and diagnostically friendly, and makes the whole process of cardiac monitoring simpler and more efficient.

One-Step Injection

BIOMONITOR III comes ready to inject, pre-loaded into a single piece injection tool for one-step injection.

  • Combines pocket creation and ICM injection into a one-step procedure – taking only seconds to administer.
  • The FIT OneStep injection tool provides an ideal pocket to accommodate the device securely and easily.
  • The injection procedure allows for several wound closure techniques to be used, including the use of tissue adhesives.
  • BIOMONITOR III fits a variety of body types. It has a small footprint – 60% smaller than its predecessor – and a flexible antenna, helping to make it more comfortable and cosmetically preferred for patients.

High Quality Signal. Easy Rhythm Classification

BIOMONITOR III’s combination of our BIOvector design, the fractal coating on its sensing surface area, and a smart lossless compression algorithm deliver high amplitude signal quality.

  • Higher signal quality reduces the impact of noise and artifact, reduces ambiguity in analysis, and improves the efficiency of provider diagnosis.
  • Clear P-wave and R-wave visibility supports faster, more confident ECG evaluation.
  • Low noise also contributes to ECG clarity, which in turn, can lead to easier and quicker rhythm classification.

Intelligent Memory Management ensures that the detection of both overlapping arrhythmia episodes and patient triggered episodes are stored, with corresponding ECGs always available for evaluation.

  • Overwriting older, more relevant episodes with newer, less relevant data makes classification more difficult. Intelligent Memory Management minimizes this risk, by retaining the most clinically valid episodes.
  • When an AF episode is ongoing during transmission, the monitor transmits both its onset episode and duration.

Automated Home Monitoring. Plug In & Go

BIOMONITOR III works with BIOTRONIK’s fully automatic Home Monitoring.

  • Without complicated set-up procedures, Home Monitoring demonstrates improved patient adherence, excellent data transmission, and reduces need for in-office follow-up.
  • Pairing, initialization and data transmission are all automatic, not requiring any active patient involvement.
Industry leading transmission success rates

Industry-Leading Transmission Success Rates

Home Monitoring achieves industry-leading transmission success rates, along with high levels of patient adherence and satisfaction.

  • The system works via a smartphone-sized CardioMessengerSmart mobile unit. It is simple to use, and requires no patient interaction for successful daily data transmissions.
  • The unit is battery operated making it easy for patients while travelling, with a battery life of 48 hours.
  • BIOMONITOR III can transmit up to six ECGs to Home Monitoring each day, increasing physicians’ opportunity to evaluate patient status remotely.
  • Daily verification of data transmissions contributes to an industry leading transmission success rate of 95%2.
  • Home Monitoring achieves 90%3 patient adherence, 99%4 of patients find it easy to use, and patient satisfaction stands at 98%4.
  • BIOMONITOR III has a longevity of 4 years. It is also 1.5T and 3.0T full-body MR conditional and there is no waiting period after the injection procedure.
  • Additional inputs can be provided with BIOTRONIK’s patient app, which has a symptom diary that via direct contact or our Home Monitoring Service Center, keeps patient and physicians fully informed.


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