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How to join BIOTRONIK

How to join BIOTRONIK

Application Process and Application Tips

If you are interested in joining us, just have a look at our vacancies in our Job Search. You have the opportunity to apply for a specific job or to apply for an unsolicited application.
The first impression is always the most important.
To help you make it a good one, we have provided these tips as a guide for preparing your application. We pay great attention to clarity of content and formal correctness.
We prefer that applications are submitted via eMail so that we can process your application quickly.
Our job openings published online are always up to date. Please ensure that your application documents are complete and detailed. This includes, among other things, your current contact information and the following:


Application Tips - The Cover Letter

This is the first and most important part of your application. In order to get to know you properly, we need to know which position/job number you are applying for and why you are applying to BIOTRONIK. Share your personal and professional strengths. Detail your relevant past activities and your career expectations and aspirations for the future. Other desirable information includes the starting date and salary expectation.


Application Tips - The Resume

This should provide complete information about your personal and professional background. It must be clearly structured so that we can quickly get an overview. The essential elements should be structured and presented in the correct order. A cover sheet can also be added containing your personal information and the application photo (if you choose to use one).
If you want to include a photo with your application materials, make sure that it accurately reflects your current appearance and that you can identify with it. Private photos, oversized photos, or Polaroids can create the wrong impression about your personality. Your application does not, however, need to include a photo, as our application procedures are based solely on professional criteria.


Application Tips - Attachments

Please submit all relevant certificates for your qualifications and work experience put together in one document so that we can get a complete picture.
For pupils: submit your last two report cards.
For university students: submit your latest transcript and your high school diploma.
For interns: submit the internship rules of your university.