Vascular Intervention // Peripheral
PTA Balloon Catheter/0.018”/OTW


     High pushability

     Low profile and wide range of sizes

     Controlled compliance






Highly pushable coaxial shaft design

A strong inner shaft and a flexible outer shaft creating a highly pushable and deliverable system.

Low profile and wide range of sizes

The available low profile 3.8F coaxial catheter shaft design facilitates access to distal lesions and allows reduction of access site complications.1

Available balloon diameters/lengths










Controlled compliant balloon for predictable expansion

Low, controlled compliance for predictable radial balloon expansion to minimize the risk of dissection.







Patchwork coating for enhanced crossability

The penta-fold balloon is coated in a folded state, exposing uncoated balloon sections when inflated. This is intended to facilitate crossing while minimizing slippage during inflation.






Indicated to dilate stenosis in the femoral, popliteal and infrapopliteal arteries and for the treatment of obstructive lesions of native or synthetic arteriovenous dialysis fistulae.



Technical Data

Passeo-18 Balloon Catheter
Catheter type
Recommended guide wire
Short and tapered, colored
Balloon material
SCP (semi-crystalline polymer), controlled compliance (4 - 8 %)
Balloon folding
Balloon coating
Hydrophobic patchwork coating
Balloon markers
2 swaged markers (zero profile)
ø 2.0 - 7.0 mm; L: 20 - 200 mm
3.8 F, 3.9 F (ø 6.0/7.0 mm x 170 - 200 mm); coaxial design
Usable length
90, 130 and 150 cm

Compliance Chart

Balloon Diameter x Length (mm)
Nominal Pressureatm3666666666666666
(NP)ø (mm)
Rated Burst Pressureatm3151415141514151415131512131212
(RBP)ø (mm)

Ordering Information

90 (4F)2.0366098366099366100366104366105366106366114376276
90 (4F)2.5357451357458366101357469357476366107357483376277
90 (4F)3.0357452357459366102357470357477366108357484376278
90 (4F)3.5357453357460366103357471357478366109357485376279
90 (4F)4.0357454357461357465357472357479366110376272376280
90 (4F)5.0357455357462357466357473357480366111376273376281
906.0357456 (4F)357463 (4F)357467 (4F)357474 (4F)357481 (5F)366112 (5F)376274 (5F)376282 (5F)
907.0357457 (4F)357464 (4F)357468 (4F)357475 (5F)357482 (5F)3661132 (5F)3762752 (5F)3762832 (5F)
150 (4F)2.0366115366118366119366123366126366129366137376296
130 (4F)2.5357486357491366120357502357507366130357512376297
130 (4F)3.0357487357492366121357503357508366131357513376298
130 (4F)3.5357488357493366122357504357509366132357514376299
130 (4F)4.0357489357494357498357505357510366133376292376300
130 (4F)5.035749035495357499357506357511366134376293376301
130 6.0366116 (4F)357496 (4F)357500 (4F)366124 (4F)366127 (5F)366135 (5F)376294 (5F)376302 (5F)
130 7.0366117 (4F)357497 (4F)357501 (4F)366125 (5F)366128 (5F)3661362 (5F) 3762952 (5F)3763032 (5F)



1 Bosiers M, Deloose K, Callaert J, et al. 4-French-compatible endovascular material is safe and effective in the treatment of femoropopliteal occlusive disease: results of the 4-EVER trial. J Endovasc Ther. 2013; 20: 746-756.