Corporate Responsibility

BIOTRONIK Corporate Social Responsibility HBI Arturo
BIOTRONIK Corporate Social Responsibility

BIOTRONIK Corporate Social Responsibility

From the Heart

Economic success and corporate social responsibility (CSR) go hand-in-hand at BIOTRONIK. To us, corporate responsibility means contributing to a bright future for communities around the world. We work on numerous CSR projects with local partners in Berlin, Germany, and around the world to support sustainable projects. We also fund medical research and training. Our long-running training programs educate and inspire physicians.

Employee, Training & Education

We are a partner of the medical community committed to the shared mission to save lives and improve patient quality of life.

BIOTRONIK Social Engagement

Contributing to our community is a long-standing tradition at BIOTRONIK. We work with local partners in Berlin, Germany, and across the world to support long-term projects,

Partnrships and Events

Founded in 2010, the EPIC Alliance supports female physicians and scientists in cardiology and electrophysiology.

Ethics and Compliance

We are committed to providing economic opportunity to a broad range of suppliers.

Ethics and Compliance

Foster a culture of ethics and trust, where management leads by example; where employees are inspired and empowered to do the right thing.