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For patients implanted with Biotronik Cardiac Rhythm Management devices - pacemaker, ICD or CRT device – who need to find a check up clinic for their Biotronik implants while traveling. Before starting on a journey discuss with your doctor whether and to which extent you are fit to travel from a medical point of view and in which situation it might be necessary to contact a hospital abroad. Do not forget to take your medications and ICD/pacemaker identification card with you. If you have been given a Cardio Messenger for Home Monitoring® ask your doctor about taking it abroad with you.

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This travel guide has been compiled by BIOTRONIK to enable you to have your BIOTRONIK implant examined while traveling. The information given here is checked and updated regularly. However, as short-term changes in the listed hospitals are beyond our control, BIOTRONIK can take no guarantee for the correctness of the data displayed. The physicians listed are not employed by BIOTRONIK nor are they in any other way affiliated with BIOTRONIK, so that BIOTRONIK is not liable for their services. The listed information does not make a statement concerning the quality and substance of the services provided in these hospitals. Any liability for direct or indirect consequences resulting from the use of this travel guide is expressly excluded.