BIOTRONIK's Innovations
<p>One of our core principles is innovating medical technology in the field of cardiology</p>

BIOTRONIK's Innovations

One of our core principles is innovating medical technology in the field of cardiology


Setting the Pace, Pioneering the Future

One of our core principles is innovating medical technology in the field of cardiology. Since our founder Max Schaldach developed the first German pacemaker in 1963, we have paved the way for pioneering innovations.

BIOTRONIK places utmost importance on research and development in order to continuously improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular and endovascular disease. In our Berlin headquarters alone, one out of every five employees work in R&D, ensuring that medical technology keeps pace with the interests and needs of future patients and physicians.

Cardiac Rhythm Management


Vascular Intervention

Cardiac Rhythm Management

Our pacemakers, implantable defibrillators and remote monitoring technologies offer solutions of the highest quality to people suffering from cardiac arrhythmias.

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring – Reliable Telemedicine

We were the first to combine medical technology with telecommunication to enable the automatic, daily transfer of patients’ clinical and device data to their physician. Our technology remains the most reliable, effective and convenient remote monitoring system on the market. Millions of patients, physicians and clinics worldwide rely on Home Monitoring.

CardioMessenger Smart doing sports

Closed Loop Simulation for Pacemakers and ICDs

The most advanced system to regulate cardiac activity; Closed Loop Stimulation is used in our pacemakers and ICDs. It reacts to patients’ physical and mental state. This one-of-a-kind system optimizes patients’ heartbeats based on neurological information, allowing the device to react to mental activity or stress.

Patients with BIOTRONIK Closed Loop Stimulation

ProMRI – Safe MRI Scans for Cardiac Device Patients

With ProMRI technology, BIOTRONIK enables patients with cardiac rhythm management implants to safely undergo MRI scans. We offer the world’s largest portfolio of pacemakers, defibrillators and leads approved to undergo MRIs.

Patient and Physician, MRI

DX Atrial Sensing for Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

The DX system is the world’s only single-chamber defibrillator that can detect atrial fibrillation. Using only a single lead, the system can precisely detect rhythm disturbances in the heart’s ventricle and atrium. The DX system broadens the therapy options available to patients while increasing their safety.

BIOTRONIK defibrillator Ilesto VR-T DX

Fractal Coating – Innovation for Leads

We first developed fractal coating in the 1990s and continue to perfect it. Fractal coating optimizes leads’ electrical surface, thereby maximizing their sensing and pacing capabilities. BIOTRONIK remains the only manufacturer of these unique leads.

BIOTRONIK Fractal Coating


Our heart catheters offer reliable solutions to diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmias.

AlCath Flux eXTRA Gold – A New Ablation Catheter

With its unique pure gold tip, this ablation catheter offers thermal conductivity up to four times greater than conventional catheters. Its three-dimensional profile ensures optimal distribution and superior cooling. AlCath Flux eXTRA Gold is one of the most effective and safe therapies for patients with atrial fibrillation.

AlCath Flux eXTRA Gold

Vascular Intervention

We develop stents, scaffolds, balloon catheters and guide wires for the effective treatment of coronary and peripheral artery disease.

Magmaris – The First Clinically Proven Resorbable Magnesium Scaffold

Magmaris is the first resorbable magnesium scaffold on the market indicated for the treatment of de novo coronary artery lesions.1 The device provides novel benefits that only a magnesium scaffold can offer like fast resorption, compelling safety data2 and better deliverability.1 Indication as per IFU 2 BIOSOLVE-II


Orsiro – A Milestone in Stent Technology

With Orsiro, BIOTRONIK offers the world’s first hybrid drug-eluting stent with a bioabsorbable coating. Its unique design and exceptional deliverability mark a new era in the treatment of constricted coronary vessels. The stent is precise, even when used in difficult vessel anatomies. A passive proBIO coating encapsulates the stent and minimizes interaction with the surrounding tissue. BIOlute active coating combines a drug with a special bioabsorbable polymer matrix, ensuring a controlled drug-release.

BIOTRONIK hybrid drug-eluting stent Orsiro

PK Papyrus – Flexibility in an Emergency

This coated stent made of cobalt chromium alloy treats acute coronary artery perforations. Thanks to its thin-strut design, the stent offers excellent flexibility and exceptional deliverability, even in difficult vessel anatomies.

BIOTRONIK coated stent PK Papyrus

Pulsar-18 – A Pioneer in 4 F Stent Technology

With its 4 F system, BIOTRONIK set new standards in the minimally invasive treatment of blood vessels with stents. The low rate of major complications at the puncture site helps make Pulsar-18 one of the most successful long-term therapies.

BIOTRONIK 4 F system Passeo-18

Passeo-18 Lux – Long-Term Protection

Passeo-18 Lux is a novel combination of a balloon catheter and drug for the treatment of new and recurring narrowed blood vessels in the lower limbs. Proven Lux coating technology leads to long-term therapy success, protecting users and the balloon’s coating from contact and damage.

BIOTRONIK balloon catheter Passeo-18 Lux