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Welcome to BIOTRONIK Patient App

You recently received a BIOMONITOR III or IIIm and you wonder how to be more involved in the monitoring of your heart rhythm?

The BIOTRONIK patient app is designed to support you during the entire period your heart rhythm is being monitored. It includes some easy to use functions you might find very helpful.

Everything in one place

Having the BIOTRONIK Patient App stored in your smartphone, you have immediate access to its functionality, 24/7.

This is important as you might be travelling and you want to show specifics of your device to airport security or medical personnel abroad.

The BIOMONITOR you have received is completely automatic and is fully functional with or without the Patient App. The Patient App offers additional functionality which is very helpful for you and your doctor.


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Main functions at a glance

Quick Overview

Easily record your symptoms as you experience them to help your doctor improve your care or diagnosis.

The Patient ID card displays important information about your cardiac monitor, physician or hospital.

With the message function, your physician can send you messages to request a call back.

Most up to date information on device, battery and Home Monitoring transmission status.

Heart rate details.

Quick tour

What does the BIOTRONIK Patient App actually look like? Use your smartphone to scan the QR code or click here. It lets you explore the app while guiding you through its main functionalities in just a few easy clicks.

BIOTRONIK Patient App in detail

Record your symptoms

Record any symptoms as you experience them. When the app is linked to BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring, this vital information will automatically be transmitted to your physician, which can be very helpful in getting the right diagnosis for you.

Patient ID info always on you

The Patient App stores all information you could need when you’re travelling including specifics of your device, physician and hospital.

Stay in touch

Your physician can easily reach out to you when needed with a “call back request” which you will receive wherever you are.

Confirm status instantly

Have crucial information about device and battery status at your fingertips. You can also check if your cardiac monitor is successfully transmitting data to your Home Monitoring system, and then to your physician.

Keep track of your rhythm

Your average daily heart rate and heart rate at rest is shown to you.

Be informed

Daily lifestyle tips and additional information about your condition readily available for you.

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring

Patient App and Home Monitoring, the perfect match

You have full access to all the functionality of your Patient App when you are using the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system as well. In In order to get full access, your doctor has to allow you a connection between the patient app and the system. He/she can do so by adjusting your settings in the Home Monitoring system

Even if you are not using the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system, or your doctor did not grant you access, you can still use the Patient App. Some of its functionality is however not active.

Learn more on BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring here.

Download and Registration

How Can I Get the BIOTRONIK Patient App and Register?

The BIOTRONIK Patient App is available via the Apple® App Store and on Google Play™. The BIOTRONIK Patient App is available for iOS and Android™ devices.


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Please note that the BIOTRONIK Patient App is only available for patients with an implanted BIOMONITOR III or IIIm

By using the BIOTRONIK Patient App, you agree to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Statement.


To use the BIOTRONIK Patient App, you will need to register yourself and your device. Part of the registration process is to scan your personal QR code. You will find your QR code on the Patient ID card you received after the insertion procedure.

In case you did not receive your personal QR code, you doctor can generate a new one using his Home Monitoring system.

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