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Social Engagement

BIOTRONIK Social Engagement


From the Heart

Contributing to our community is a long-standing tradition at BIOTRONIK. We work with local partners in Berlin, Germany, and across the world to support long-term projects and help people in need.

Die Arche

Die Arche
BIOTRONIK and Die Arche

Die Arche – Supporting Children in Berlin

The nonprofit organization Die Arche works with disadvantaged children and adolescents from all over Germany. Since 2000, Die Arche has worked in a former school building in the neighborhood of Berlin-Hellersdorf. Nearly 300 children and youths ranging from two to 18 years old attend every day. Children receive free warm meals, help with their homework, and participate in fun activities such as music and athletics. BIOTRONIK supports Die Arche with monthly donations and our employees donate their time at summer and winter holiday events. Together, we work to change our community for the better.