Treatment - Unexplained Syncope


Treatment Options

Unexplained Syncope

Syncope is the medical term of fainting or passing out. There can be various underlying causes for syncope and a careful examination by a physician is required. In those cases were no underlying cause can be revealed, the diagnosis is labelled: unexplained syncope

How is Unexplained Syncope Treated?

Patient with the diagnosis “unexplained syncope” require more testing and monitoring to be able to understand the underlying cause of the syncope.  In order to obtain additional information whether heart rhythm disturbances are the underlying cause of the syncope, long term heart monitoring using an implantable cardiac monitor can be prescribed.
An implantable cardiac monitor (ICM), like the BIOTRONIK BIOMONITOR, is placed under the skin in the left chest area and continuously monitors the heart rhythm during the day and night. Heart rhythm disturbances are detected automatically and ECGs are stored for examination. Once the diagnosis has been made, therapy can start.  

Hearth Rhythm Irregularities and Syncope

The best proof whether the fainting is caused by an irregular heart rhythm is the match between the symptoms you feel and the ECG recording of an irregular heart rhythm.  
To establish such a match, it is helpful to note down when you are experiencing symptoms and tell your doctor about them during your next visit.
BIOTRONIK has developed a BIOTRONIK Patient app to make it easier for you to record your symptoms. The Patient App is for free.
For further information on the BIOMONITOR Patient App click here

BIOTRONIK Innovations in Implantable Cardiac Monitors (ICM)

There are several innovations of the BIOMONITOR which are unique and are specifically designed to make the whole process between the small injection procedure to the actual diagnosis as comfortable and reliable as possible.
These unique innovations are:

  • BIOvector design: The BIOMONITOR has an unique design which combines a small device with the industry´s longest sensing antenna. Such an antenna is better capable to sense the very small heart signals. In this way it makes sure no heart rhythm irregularity is missed.
  • One-Step Injection Procedure: The injection of the BIOMONITOR is easy and simple to perform by your physician.  It takes just a few minutes. Read more on the injection procedure  here
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring: This industry leading remote monitoring system  makes it possible to transmit all the data stored in the BIOMONITOR to a secured website of your physician  for evaluation. Every night the data is automatically transmitted. For more information click here

What You Can Do As A Patient

It is not an easy job for your doctor to find out the underlying cause of your fainting. There are however some ways for you to help.

  • Keep a symptom diary: When you feel symptoms it is very helpful to write down the date and time when that happened and a description of what you felt. In this way you have documented what you experienced and you can show this to your doctor the next time you have an appointment. There is a handy tool to do this: BIOTRONIK Patient App. This app includes among other helpful tools, a digital Symptoms Diary. For more information about the Patient App and how to download it click  here
  • Use the BIOTRONIK Remote Assistant III: This device may be given to you by your doctor and is part of the BIOTRONIK arrhythmia monitoring system. When you feel symptoms you hold this device over the BIOMONITOR and press a button. This activates the storage of an ECG of your heart. For more information click here
  • Make sure the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system can transmit data to your physician on a daily basis. If you are using Home Monitoring, make sure the CardioMessenger Smart is near your bedside and is fully charged. Do not forget to take it with you when you go on holidays. With the BIOTRONIK Patient App you can check if the data has been transmitted and the battery of your BIOMONITOR is appropriate.