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Grant and Donation Requests to BIOTRONIK, Inc.


Grant and Donation Requests

At BIOTRONIK, Inc., we are committed to helping people with heart and blood vessel diseases live healthy, fulfilling lives. We work to support physicians and healthcare systems to provide meaningful innovations that result in effective care for their patients. Our company allocates resources each year to support requests for grants/donations which are primarily applied to support:

To request a financial donation or grant, please complete the Application Form below for Educational Grants, EP Fellowships, Research Grants, Charitable Donations, or Exhibit Fees.

Be prepared to upload one or more of the following:

  • Request letter (signed, and on official institution letterhead)
  • Detailed description of event or purpose (agenda or program brochure)
  • Budget or description of how the funds will be applied/used
  • Abstract or study proposal (research grants only)
  • W-9

Timeline for Educational Grants and Donations to Charities:

To insure an adequate review, requests for educational grants, donations to charities and exhibit fees should be submitted a minimum of six weeks prior to the date that the funds are required.

Timeline for EP Fellowship Support:

All EP Fellowship Support Requests for the upcoming academic year are due by April 15.

Questions regarding the request should be directed to grants.donations@biotronik.com

Donations of devices, components and accessories are primarily given to Heartbeat International Foundationfor use in heart centers in developing countries around the world. Some devices may be donated in the US for indigent patients where all medical services are provided free of charge to the patient. For requests of this kind, please contact our donations group at binc_donations@biotronik.com

Donations and grants are reported annually to the Federal government as required by the 2010 Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act.