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Have you been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrhythmia or cardiomyopathy?

Are you currently waiting for a procedure, or have you just had one?

It is likely that you have a lot of questions at this time. Our website is tailored to patients, family members and patient support groups. It provides information on various heart diseases and conditions, and an overview of the possible therapies from BIOTRONIK. We also provide information on recovery and follow-up care, and recommendations regarding diet, work, travel and exercise with an implanted heart device.

The circulatory system carries vital oxygen, water, and nutrients through our body. Our “engine” – the heart – keeps this system running

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The human heart
Endurance Sports Are the Best Option

For many of us, one day, our heart loses its rhythm. High blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia or a heart attack are among the most common diseases we see nowadays.

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. A wide range of medical therapies can treat various forms of heart disease and stabilize your health.

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Different systems are used to treat different types of heart disease. How do they work and what happens during and after treatment?

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Patients Daily Life

 Curious about how treatment will affect your quality of life and what limitations you should expect? Read more here to find out how to get back to your daily life and what to watch out for in terms of diet, work, travel and exercise.