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Why Us

The endeavor started by a gifted physics student in 1963 at the kitchen table of a modest Berlin apartment has since grown into a global company with a workforce in the thousands. The pioneering spirit of its founder, Professor Dr. Max Schaldach senior, is still part of the ethos driving those who work at BIOTRONIK. They use their high commitment, deep knowledge and expertise, and exceptional skills to lead BIOTRONIK to even greater success: excellence for life.

A company's success is always the success of a team, with people giving their best, handling their tasks, making decisions, and taking responsibility every day. These are people who work diligently and enjoy what they do.

A corporate philosophy is good for every company. But is there a better way to describe the culture of a company than to listen to the people in it?

We have therefore provided reports from employees describing their career paths and how they joined us. They give you a first-hand impression of what BIOTRONIK is and what makes it unique as an employer, a company, and a leader in technology.

And maybe you too will consider becoming part of our team of experts - experts whose hearts beat to the pacemaker of innovation.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!