BIOMONITOR IIIm Cardiac Monitoring

BIOMONITOR IIIm Maximized Precision. Minimized Workload.

BIOMONITOR IIIm Maximized Precision. Minimized Workload.

Office-Based Lab Procedure Training

This online education module provides training on Injectable Cardiac Monitor procedures in the Office-Based Lab, or OBL. BIOTRONIK feels strongly that education on this topic is important to support physicians and allied health professionals to care for their patients.

The training includes an overview of the BIOMONITOR III and IIIm device specifications and advantages, discusses how to set up the Office-Based Lab or OBL procedure, provides and overview of the OBL injection procedure with tips for success with a BIOMONITOR III/IIIm device, as well as a review of BIOMONITOR III/IIIm Home Monitoring and the new Patient App.

Online Education Module

To obtain a certificate of training completion, review the 16:31 minute video then send an email to requesting a certificate.