Renamic Neo


Renamic Neo

The Neo Connectivity

The Renamic Neo programmer offers complete connectivity and a long battery life to enable mobile use and workflow flexibility. Due to its compact design, on-board PSA, wireless RF telemetry, and integrated compartments, Renamic Neo is convenient to use during clinical practice.

  • Complete wireless connectivity plus Ethernet and USB
    In addition to Ethernet and USB interfaces, Renamic Neo connects wirelessly to the Internet via cellular network or Wi-Fi, providing various data export options.
  • EHR export and ReportShare for paperless environment1
    The state-of-the-art features give users freedom to export programmer data to the hospital EHR system or digitally share the device interrogation report with colleagues or BIOTRONIK Technical Service.
  • Mobile use and workflow flexibility supported by long battery life
    The 3-hour battery life and wireless connectivity interfaces of Renamic Neo support dynamic clinical environments and workflows.

Key Product Features


DataSync and ReportShare

Key Product Features
Connected Renamic Neo


Wi-Fi and 4G LTE in combination with LiveSupport allow customers to get technical support in real-time.

  • LiveSupport minimizes the wait by giving your BIOTRONIK representative more options to deliver unparalleled service
  • Complete wireless connectivity
  • WiFi-enabled transmission of follow-up data via ReportShare, EHR integration, 1:1 printing, and software updates
  • Bluetooth data export
  • USB data export and USB printing
  • Ethernet-enabled transmission of follow-up data via ReportShare, EHR integration, printing, and software updates
  • LTE-enabled transmission of follow-up data via ReportShare and software updates
  • Mini DisplayPort compatible for external screen display
Integrated Renamic Neo


EHR DataSync and ReportShare for a paperless environment.1

  • Paperless environment enabled with a digital workflow
  • Multiple export formats for integration with electronic health records
  • ReportShare-capable for sharing follow-up reports via a secure network
Flexible Renamic Neo


Mobile use and workflow flexibility supported by built-in battery

  • Rechargeable battery with 3 hours of operation time
  • Toolless battery exchange for quick and easy exchange of a spare battery



For finding a solution fast
Open configuration options
LiveSupport and its LiveView and LiveControl features offer quick insights and answers to your questions, facilitating high-quality, interactive support.

LiveView shares the programmer screen with a BIOTRONIK representative.

LiveControl allows the BIOTRONIK representative to take control of the programmer under your supervision.

Share the programmer screen or the programmer control.



For choosing the best method of support

  • Ensures support is available when plans change
  • Offers more flexibility to reschedule patient appointments
  • Allows for optimal use of on-site support
Call your BIOTRONIK support expert.



For exceptional assistance anywhere
LiveSupport allows the BIOTRONIK representatives to:

  • Train from a distance on programmer-related topics
  • Coach less experienced staff from remote locations
  • Provide programmer training for specific features of new products
Discuss and implement optimal therapy solutions.
DataSync and ReportShare


Integrated Data. Integrated Care.

BIOTRONIK DataSync simplifies the way patient’s device information is stored and accessed at your hospital’s EHR or device management system. It provides an automatic and seamless integration of all device data from daily Home Monitoring to in-clinic interrogations.

This will increase your workflow efficiency through:

  • Paperless patient data handling
  • Automatic processing of data
  • All data in one place
DataSync Automation

Automation: Less Data Entry Work for Staff

Tired of spending a lot of your valuable time with copying, scanning or manually entering patient data into your EHR or device management platform?

With BIOTRONIK DataSync & BIOTRONIK ReportShare, patient data can automatically flow from all BIOTRONIK devices to the Home Monitoring System and directly into your hospital’s EHR or device management system.

DataSync Centralization

Centralization: Easy Access to Patient Data

Are you struggling with accessing to ALL patient’s device data in one place in your day-to-day work? You have to review multiple data sources that are stored in different locations (for instance, some on paper and some in the hospital’s system) to get a full picture of your patient’s health status?

The built-in connectivity of BIOTRONIK patient devices and programmers enables data to flow securely and automatically to the Home Monitoring Service Center (HMSC). All your patient’s device data is automatically securely stored and archived in the Home Monitoring System. Once in the system, all data is then sent to your system and accessible in one place.

DataSync Integration

Integration: Compatible with Existing IT Setups

The IT infrastructure of your hospital is highly complex. If you ask your admins, they will confirm that it took a lot of time and resources to develop and implement. Naturally, not just any new solution can be added to the existing infrastructure -- whatever joins the mix needs to observe the existing IT standards.

BIOTRONIK DataSync is compatible with existing IT setups and complies with international standards –IEEE 11073-10103 and IDCO HL7.

IEEE Logo HL7 Logo

Data Flow with BIOTRONIK DataSync

All patient data flows automatically from the implanted device to the Home Monitoring Service Center and from there into your EHR or device management platform. The data is transmitted from the implanted device via the CardioMessenger Smart on a regular basis and via ReportShare during in-office visits. The EHR DataSync Adapter connects the data from the Home Monitoring Service Center to the hospital data system.

How Easy Is the Installation of DataSync in Your Clinic?
BIOTRONIK data sources observe IEEE/HL7 IDCO, as well as the latest cybersecurity standards. In this way, BIOTRONIK DataSync is compatible with existing standards at your hospital.

How to Start the Implementation of DataSync in Your Clinic?
The first step is to make an appointment with your BIOTRONIK representative or fill in the contact form on this website. The BIOTRONIK specialist will explain BIOTRONIK DataSync in detail to you or your IT specialist. Together, an implementation plan is created, and when everyone agrees, the implementation can get underway.

1 Additional registration and activation required