Cybersecurity by Design – From Product Planning to Daily Use

Our Patient Safety Pledge

BIOTRONIK never compromises on safety—it is and will remain our number one priority. We invest the time and resources necessary to ensure that every product we bring to market is one we can stand by confidently—and cybersecurity is no exception.

As the company that pioneered remote monitoring and telemedicine, we have taken our cybersecurity responsibilities seriously since 2001. That is why cybersecurity is considered at every step of the product life cycle. This includes product development, quality control, implantation, follow-up and more.


The Cybersecurity Process

We have designed a cybersecurity management process that regularly identifies and controls risks over complete product lifecycles. This means the latest advances in security are built right into new products long before they’re ever launched, while existing products are constantly updated to conform with the highest existing cybersecurity standards for similar products.

If you would like to know more, please also see our separate section, “Recent News” for further information security on recent cybersecurity developments.


Information Security

The BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® system is certified by the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This standard helps companies using information technology systems to set up and constantly improve how they identify, analyze and respond to any information risks as the global cybersecurity landscape changes.

ISO’s certification of BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring provides independent verification that BIOTRONIK professionally protects the service’s availability and integrity, while also safeguarding the privacy of all data passing through the BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring system.

In addition to independent certifications, BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring is also regularly tested in both internal and independent external investigations for cybersecurity resilience. These results also confirm the system’s high level of resilience against cyberattacks.

Questions or Concerns About BIOTRONIK´s Cybersecurity?

If you have concerns about our cybersecurity measures or additional questions for a BIOTRONIK cybersecurity expert, please email us at