Edora 8 HF-T QP

Edora 8 HF-T QP CRT-P
Edora 8 HF-T QP
Edora 8 HF-T QP CRT-P
Edora 8 HF-T QP

Edora 8 HF-T QP


For more than 50 years, BIOTRONIK has developed innovative cardiac solutions with uncompromised safety and reliability. We’ve built a legacy—a defined reputation—as a dedicated, unwavering partner committed to outcomes that positively impact lives. We remain in continuous movement driving collaboration that fuels innovation; progressing education to improve patient care. At a foundational level, as a team, we’re committed to always doing better because excellence isn’t static.

Key Facts
  • ProMRI®1: Allows patients to undergo MRI scanning under specific conditions. Also allows for LV pacing during MRI mode.
  • MRI AutoDetect: Simplifies workflows through automatic detection of MRI environment and minimizes patients' time in MRI mode.
  • BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®: Effective remote monitoring of heart failure and system integrity based on automatic and wireless daily transmissions. Remote follow-up device interrogation allows earlier intervention as approved by the FDA.
  • Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS): Unique physiological rate response modulation during episodes of physical and acute mental stress. CLS is the only pacemaker algorithm that responds to physiologic demands and acute mental stress on a beat-to-beat basis.
  • Quadripolar LV Pacing: Enables multiple left-ventricular pacing and sensing configurations for CRT management.
  • LV VectorOpt: User-friendly interface for LV lead testing, simplifying the selection of the optimal pacing vector.
  • Event-triggered wireless IEGM transmissions within 24 hours: Enables prompt evaluations for fast and better informed therapy decisions.
  • Capture Control (RA, RV & LV): Automatic adjustment of pacing amplitudes for effective CRT therapy.
  • AV Opt: Facilitates programming of optimal AV timing.
  • SafeSync RF Telemetry: RF telemetry for wandless, time-saving and reliable data transmission at implantation and follow-up.


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1 For combination of MR conditional devices, please see the "ProMRI® MR conditional device systems" manual