Group Leader Quality Assurance

Chemical Technician Quality Management

Group Leader Quality Assurance

Rachid (at BIOTRONIK since 2002)

After my graduation in Quality Management, I started my career at BIOTRONIK in November 2002. BIOTRONIK was looking for a quality engineer in lead manufacturing and I was looking for a company with growth potential which offers outstanding personnel development opportunities. It was very important for me to work for a global company where I can develop my skills while working in an international team with openminded colleagues. BIOTRONIK was exactly the combination of all that.

Working in the department of quality assurance, I have the exceptional opportunity to become acquainted with the whole product development chain. This experience is really precious for me. I have, for instance, the opportunity to accompany the developing processes and the manufacturing of products. The definition of quality criteria for products, the planning of the test environment for feasibility and reliability are among my interesting tasks. I truly enjoy the type of work I am doing because it allows me to exchange ideas with other departments. At present, I am the responsible Group Leader of Quality Assurance.

What I personally find amazing about BIOTRONIK are the interdisciplinary teams. It is astonishing to observe how they continuously improve technology and develop new innovative products with high quality and reliability. It was also exciting to see how the company constantly hires employees to keep pace with the increasing demand for BIOTRONIK’s products. With the growth of the company many personnel development opportunities are also open to me. Those have been provided in numerous ways such as internal and external seminars to enhance my professional and personal skills, which I appreciate extremely. Despite its tremendous growth, BIOTRONIK has retained some of the best aspects of a family-owned company, such as a close camaraderie between employees and management in a relaxed but professional atmosphere.

I can definitely say that I am incredibly proud to be part of an organization where employees contribute permanently to people’s health through their competencies, creativity, and passion to develop reliable, high quality products.