Vascular Intervention // Peripheral
PTA Balloon Catheter/0.014”/OTW


     Up to 3.8 x faster deflation times

     Enhanced crossability

     High pushability and flexibility






Up to 3.8 x faster deflation times1

Due to the coaxial catheter shaft design that creates a large balloon lumen facilitating rapid inflation and deflation, Passeo-14 deflates:

3.8 x faster than Amphirion Deep
2.0 x faster than Coyote
2.4 x faster than NanoCross









The solution for dedicated below the ankle sizes





  • ø 1.5 - 2.0 mm
  • 150 mm flexible distal shaft
  • Tailored stiffening wire

Enhanced crossability

The tri-fold balloon, which is fully coated when folded and only partly coated when inflated, enables an enhanced crossability while minimizing slippage during inflation.

High pushability and flexibility2

Impressive pushability due to catheter shaft design featuring a unique stiffening wire in the proximal shaft of the catheter, while enabling high flexibility due to a lower profile distal shaft in small, tortuous vessels.







Indicated for balloon dilatation of the stenotic portion of a lower limb artery for the purpose of improving perfusion.

Technical Data

Passeo-14 Balloon catheter
Catheter type
Recommended guide wire
Optimized entry profile and colored
Balloon material
SCP (semi-crystalline polymer), controlled compliance (4 - 6%)
Balloon folding
Balloon coating
Hydrophilic patchwork coating
Balloon markers
2 swaged markers (zero profile)
ø 1.5 - 4.0 mm; L: 20 - 220 mm
Distal shaft
3.1 F, hydrophilic coating, coaxial design; 150 mm length (ø 1.5/2.0 x 20 - 100 mm); 75 mm length (ø 2.0 x 140 - 220 mm and ø 2.5 - 4.0 mm)
Proximal shaft
3.9 F, hydrophobic coating, coaxial design; stiffening wire
Usable length
150 cm (ø 1.5 - 4.0 mm); 120 cm (ø 1.5 - 2.0 mm); 90 cm (ø 2.5 - 4.0 mm)

Compliance Chart

Balloon Diameter x Length (mm)
Nominal Pressureatm5777777
(NP)ø (mm)
Rated Burst Pressureatm5141414141414
(RBP)ø (mm)1,572,082,613,183,634,16

Ordering Information

120 (4F)1.53802716380277380283----
120 (4F)2.0-380278380284380290380296380302380308
90 (4F)2.5-380279380285380291380297380303380309
90 (4F)3.0-380280380286380292380298380304380310
90 (4F)3.5-3802816380287638029363802996--
90 (4F)4.0-380282380288380294380300--
150 (4F)1.53803136380319380325----
150 (4F)2.0-380320380326380332380338380344380350
150 (4F)2.5-380321380327380333380339380345380351
150 (4F)3.0-380322380328380334380340380346380352
150 (4F)3.5-3803236380329638033563803416--
150 (4F)4.0-380324380330380336380342--



1 BIOTRONIK data on file. Volume adjustment: A 3mm x 120mm balloon contains 17% less contrast media volume than a 3mm x 140mm balloon. The measured deflation time of a 3mm x 140mm balloon was adjusted by 17 % to make a direct competitive comparison;

2 BIOTRONIK Data on file.
Amphirion is a registered trademark of the Medtronic Group of Companies; Armada is a registered trademark of Abbott; Coyote is a registered trademark of Boston Scientific; NanoCross is a registered trademark of Medtronic Group of Companies.